Breakfast less than Rm5 – Hmm..or slightly more

Easy Breaky meal..

Easy Breaky meal..

Well, just like the title …breakfast less than Rm5…or is it slightly more..hmmm..well..actually its slightly more la..just that i spend less on buying the ingredients n the rest of the ingredients are either leftovers or its in the not included la..hehe

I didn’t know what to cook for bfast today..hmm..kinda bored with my usual indo-mee with double sunny side up decided to cook lo.. this dish..that i cooked today…i actually learn or shall i say copy from my si fu..(ah Jamie Oliver)..hehe..u know la..i started cooking also bcz of him ba…i mean he make it so easy..n fun…          

My breakfast

My breakfast

What he did was..he uses button mushrom, tomatoes (which is what i used also kan), chorizo (hmm..not sure i got the right spelling) ermm..oh yeah..bacon and eggs ..n he did it as a supper dish..kinda cool actually when he cook it..

So what i did was..well to me..doesn’t matter its a supper or dinner la..its still a meal to me..especially for breakfast kan..n especially after BodyPump class today (By the way..class this morning was not that great..mic was giving problem..anyway..its over..don’t want to talk abt it..sigh) yeah..
Instead of using chorizo, i used luncheon meat (yes..porky..hehe..ah muah sorry)..tomato  (yeah just i bought only one from Ah wong, my vegie uncle that’s always outside my house almost every day at the same time..)..oh yeah..bought a can of mushroom..those chinese mushroom that’s soaked in water leh..and of course extra large size eggs..from the fridge..hehe..and on top of that..some left over uncooked bake beans ( love bake beans…will show u one my other fav recipe with baked beans next time okie..?promise..)   


Cooking process is the same my si fu la..saute the garlic with mushroom then follow the tomatoes that i cut into half n sprinkle with dry herbs (i used it really goes well it tomates)..follow by luncheaon meat..n finish off with 2 eggs lo…lastly onces its down.i pour the baked beans on top of it and serve it warm…
U know wat is nice that goes well with this?..a real cold orange smooties..just to have a little acidic in the palette and to cut the riches of the luncheon meat, eggs and baked beans…What do u think? 🙂
But like i said above..Breakfast less than Rm 5 cant la…too bad no left over orange juice hahah… 

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2 Responses to “Breakfast less than Rm5 – Hmm..or slightly more”

  1. jeromz Says:

    Another Jamie Oliver fan ah….
    nice ley.. next time u prepare bento bah.. then send it to your gf.. so sweet .. 😛 😛 😛 ..

    bentos are elegant and nice.. gagaga!

  2. b3nsim Says:

    hahha..okie ba..thanks for the comment 🙂

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