Potato pancake with saute garlic mushroom

Potato pancake?haha..actually ar..i also dont know what to name this dish ba (yes..my sabahan slang still stuck with me..hmm..) well its flat kan..and pancakes are flat too kan..so might as well la..hehe..but my gf ( ah muah..hehe) said it looks like Hash Brown just now when v were having coffee ..hmm..how come i never thought of that .n naming it Hash Potato with saute garlic mushroom instead kan..hmm..i think i should..thank ah muah..hehe..

This recipe..hm..let me think..not too sure where i got it from..guess must be from one of those cook book that i browse at Mph or Borders..hehe..long time sudah..anyway its simple as u can see..its just a few ingredients. Mushroom, garlic, corn starch and of course the star of the recipe Mr Potato..hihi..anytype also can ..

Right..since its called Hash or pancake, and as u can see from the pic..its finely grated (well, if u have all the time in the world ..yes..b my guess and finely jullien it..)i used a special grater that can grate different thickness of the potato..(haha..i bought it at pasar malam a few years back at taman megah..hihihi..n yes..still can use ba..phew!) Next, here’s the secret to make the potato crisp even after pan-frying it..is to use corn-starch..n by adding this will absorb the excess water from the ..cool huh? 😀 

Saute the mushroom with garlic..which is one of my fav..i mean garlic..who doesn’t like garlic..(haha,i know Danny doesn’t like ..cz he’s a walking vampire – doesn’t like the sun and garlic ..lol apa la)..You can use button mushroom or anytype, but i choose this particular one..cz.its cheap ba..n taste wise, not that bad la..edible la.heh :).What i would add on top of that, would be finely chopped cilantro to add a little green into this dish..but, Ah wong that day didn’t have ba, cz raya almost here kan so..everything also almost habis sudah..sigh..but will do that the next time definately. 😛 

So, since its only 2 ingredients, what else can u do? hmm…nothing actually but to play with the presentation. You can either serve it as a meal or simple cut into small bites and serve it as a party snacks lo (or the french called it hors d’oeuvres, correct ka spelling..lol.). I’ll definately add this to my catering list..kekke..yeah i used to do freelance catering..specialize in party bite size food..nothing to boast abt la..just a small business.. but stop a while ago (i think more than a year)..hmm..i guess its time for me to come back..no..not the freelancing business..well at least not now la..haf to redo all my cooking n timing n haiya..everything la..hehe 😛 anyway..will do it here..i hope anyone that read this..(yes u..and u ..and u.. 🙂 ) will like the type of cooking or menu that i do for catering. 

Ciao for now…next menu.. Prawn lollipop with trio mayonnaise dip 🙂

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3 Responses to “Potato pancake with saute garlic mushroom”

  1. jeromz Says:

    nice point.. i got the rosti.. a friend send to me from switzerland… i used one of the packet.. but failed miserably.. coz the non stick pan stick.. -.-“” .. hmm use cornstarch… then how much?.. sprinkle on them? .. i would like to try again.. i wanna make it like wad u did..

  2. emelda Says:

    Bagus ba f you have another bahasa in you….so jangan kasi hilang tu sabahan kau..sayang saja kau belajar lepas tu kasi lupa…masi ingat apa itu tuhu? LOL! I bet you lupa already kan?

  3. b3nsim Says:

    ha?whats tuhu? tuhau i know la..heheh

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