My (bfast, lunch, dinner & supper)for now..sigh

Yes my friend, this is Indomie Mi Goreng, quite famous when it comes to ordering in SS2 mamak stalls, and this (for now..)happens to be my breakfast, lunch, dinner (sometimes) and supper. You know what, i google this and manage to find out some facts about this instant noodle product. And to tell u the truth, at first i thought the name Indomie is just a brand name, never thought it was from Indonesia. Guess who told me that..(ah muah when we had our dinner/supper at SS2 mamak stall.hehe..

Anyway since i makan almost all the time kan, so i want to know what are the side effects it has on a person if makan excessively ba..hmm..well here it goes..when i type “can you eat indomie everyday?” haha..i didnt get much about the side effects, just mostly about the MSG in it and there’s a few sites even mentioned that a person died from eating too much instant noodle..sigh..but u know in chinese, there’s a saying that if you want to die, might as well die with a full, well for my case, i dont have a choice financial crisis kan..heheh..have to bear with this ba..i know its not healthy but..when times like this, Indomie always seems to be my best fren..kakaka..

oh with the addition of telur mata kerbau (sunny side up in Malay 🙂 )how can u resist eating it again and again and again ba…am i rite or very rite?:D and the best thing about this instand noodle kan, u can actually add any type of veggie into it, not a problem, since when i eat i just slurp dengan sekuat hati anyway all the taste of the sayur and the telur when it breaks ( the yolk) hungry again now (as im writing this..hahah) but no la..just had roti canai just now with Ah muah ..hehe..nvm la..i just drink Horlicks only la..kekeke..

Anyway, nothing much to talk abt this indomie, dont want to talk bad about it since its my only meal that get me through my day, fills my stomach even though sometimes during my Rpm class (during track 3 and above) i can taste indomie in my

Indomie..i’ll never forget u de.. 🙂 but one day i’ll have to let u go..but at the mean don’t go okie?..hihih..hmm..

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4 Responses to “My (bfast, lunch, dinner & supper)for now..sigh”

  1. jeromz Says:

    i miss indo mie.. u make me wanna buy them now.. sigh……

    high in calories… sigh..

  2. emelda Says:

    oh yea…. indomie always remind me of our good old daysssssssss…..Cindy you me and Aileen which the lala on the side as our side dish! Yummy!

  3. b3nsim Says:

    iya kan..hmm..hey u know what sometimes i go to that mamak, that fella also asked me..mana itu semua perempuan?hahha..i said..kerja

  4. tisi Says:

    hahaha… it’s also my bfast, lunch n dinner.. Here they have all kinds of flavor.. satay, pedas, soto n more.. haven’t tried all though. My fav is still the original Mie goreng.

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