Garlic (haaaarrrr,can u smell it)

Garlic or bawang putih (in malay) or chung-tao (in chinese) or the scientific name Allium sativum L (cheh wa, scientific name :)) is my fav ingredient to use whether i’m using in for my chinese or western dish. The chinese (like me..heh :)) like to use it at the beginning of the cooking and saute it quickly before adding other ingredients. Just like the famous loh-bak kou (radish cake), if u remember the way they cook in at some pasar malam here (i think there’s one in SS3, near my old house area). They first saute the garlic then follow by the radish cake and follow by egg and bean sprout, yum yum (though i’m not a fan of this food, but the garlic smell is fantastic).

Yes as u can tell, i love garlic. I do, i mean who doesn’t? oh i know who doesn’t.keke.not gonna mention names again la..i already did the last time lol. :D.. So as usual did some research about this little fella that belongs to the onion family and i guess u also know his (yes, to me its a him..can’t be her round and pungent, rite or true? ) relative haha! they’re onions, leeks, shallots (bawang merah in malay) and chives. 

Rite, let’s move on the way u can use this garlic (the way i would use this fella). Very simple, for me, i normally chopped it and saute it. Some use it as seasoning or condiments for pan-mee (direct translation is wooden noodle 😀 ) well that’s actually the chinese version of pasta minus the eggs. Will do that one day la, very easy only..all you u need is love..i mean flour :D..singing pulak , must be from watching Mamma Mia! la tu..ish..:P.

Side effects?well besides the smell of your breath after consuming it (whether its cooked or worst, eating it raw) the person’s mucusvaginal dischargedandruff, and even earwax will also smell like garlic. Washing the body with soap will not take away the scent, although perfumes will mask the scent. The smell usually fades over the course of several days (few days?..yeah ba…so tahan sikit la tu..hihih ). Yes, my dear female friends, vaginal discharge oh..jangan main main..susah nanti kalau mau..(ahem..chong 😀 )Anyway, all this will happen, if you makan like almost all the time la, so no worries ba.wink wink 🙂

Garlic is claimed to help prevent heart disease including atherosclerosis, high cholesterolhigh blood pressure, and cancer. You want to know the best part? It’s cheap and you can get it almost everywhere (at market la i meant). So quickly get yourself a bulb and start cooking :D.


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3 Responses to “Garlic (haaaarrrr,can u smell it)”

  1. jeromz Says:

    WRONG ADY LA.. its not CHONG TAO LA!

    its Xuen (Shun) Mai lar….. or .. 蒜头 , 蒜米 (when the garlic is blended)

  2. b3nsim Says:

    haha.gotcha..if i dun write wrongly how to have comment in my blog wo..haha..okie wrong la..heehe

  3. jeromz Says:

    eh leh~ … purposely one la… sudah salah still wanna act to take attention.. tsk tsk.. gagaga~ if not i’ll comment other stuffs liao.. 😛

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