Duck with Caramelized apple

Quack quack..this is my first duck dish..hehe. First of all, i would like to thank my mum, cz she bought the duck from Penang last week during the Raya holidays. This duck is actually pre-cooked. What i did was, i reheat it again in my little oven for about 20mins on 180°C. Remove from the oven and let it rest before cutting it. After that, i deglazed the same tray that i used to reheat the duck with some broth and butter to thicken the sauce. Yummy..

Next, got 2 more steps, 🙂 the side dishes. Potatoes and caramelized apple. Yes, must have some carbs that goes with this..i’ve decided to add a little twist into the mashed potatoes. Instead of just normal mashed potatoes, i added some finely chopped parsley and mixed into the mashed. Shape the mashed into an oval shape with 2 spoons (cool huh.. :D). But then again, to show the difference between them, i put both with and without the parsley la. :)A nice green and yellow color contrast. You can use different types of green herbs, in-fact (im watching Jamie at home now @ Travel & living as im writing this 🙂 and this gives me some idea..) if you like beet-root, you can just steam it and do the same (mix with mash potatoes right when they’re still hot and warm) and this will add different color to your dish. 😀

Green apple, yes, i only used half of an apple actually. Equal amount of brown sugar and water to makethe caramel. Cut the green apple into cubes and as soon as the brown sugar starts to melt and turning into caramel, i add the apples lo. Cook for a while and before i removed from the heat, i added a little bit of cinnamon powder (cinnamon and apple are like best friends..just like you and me kan? kan? eh nod your head la..good boy/girl 😀 ). The reason why i used green apple (i pinjam from my mum, lol, she bought it for her apple juice :D) instead of the usual red because green is always sour than the red and this will cut the richness of the duck. And to balance out the acidity of the apple, i caramelized with brown sugar lo. 🙂

Have you heard of this brand called Mandarina Duck? They sell travel bags, laptop bags, toiletries bag, all sorts la. Maybe that’s my next dish, Mandarin Duck 🙂



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