Banana Meringue

Meringue (pronounce as ‘mer-rang’ not ‘mer-rangeh’ :)lol.. ) originally from French and its just a simple egg white that is well-beaten with some sugar and baked until crisp. When i said, well-beaten, i really meant it ba. The first time (not today, long long time ago) i did it, it took me very long to get into the “soft peak” stage. But now, eleh, senang ja (maybe from all the BodyPump kan 🙂 ) less than a 2mins gao dim already..kekek. Anyway, once you get a soft peak, then only you add the sugar. The first time i did it, i guess the sugar was insufficient to make it as smooth as whipped cream’s consistency. Then, tried again the second time, with a tablespoon of sugar, makes a lot of difference. Anyway, i use one egg white only (save on my telur

Baking time, well since this is the first time im doing it, i have to keep an eye on the oven all the time ba. Don’t really know the exact timing for this. What i did was i set on 180º for about 15mins. The first time wasn’t that successful. It burned. Second time was slightly ok, but then i faced another problem. Because meringue consist of sugar in it, it tend to stick on the tray (even though i spread some butter on it, it’ll still stick), this i have to learn to make it perfect in future (haha..have to ask my si fu..)

Banana, yes pisang again ba, hehehe, still got 1 more for me to baked lol. Did the same thing, baked until hitam and this time i whisked it with some honey to create a smooth consistency. Simple kan?That’s it, let it set aside. Now comes the fun part, the how to make spun sugar. With equal amount of water and sugar, you’ll get spun sugar. Caution, its super hot, so never ever touch with your finger to test (don’t be silly to taste the spun sugar at this stage too). Again, i failed. You know why? cause the heat was too high and i was doing something else that time, sigh. I tried again, this time of course jadi la, not just that, i ended up playing with it (yes, no joke) Once the spun sugar set at certain temperature, you can actually drizzle it on a baking paper to draw anything that you like. And i noticed that, as it cools a little more, you can actually touch it with your fingers and pull fine strands of sugar (lol..i got carried away while doing this..hehe, fun ba).

So the morale of the story is Never give up, even though u failed for the first time (or many times):) – I’m referring to making the meringue; Never be afraid to try new things, yes again the meringue and Never take things for granted – this is for the spun sugar, always keep your eyes of the spun sugar or it’ll burn before you know it 🙂


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4 Responses to “Banana Meringue”

  1. fara Says:

    Again banana.. 😉 what a scrumptious course :-*

  2. b3nsim Says:

    haha..yes again, tapi now habis sudah.hehe

  3. jeromz Says:

    omg.. u used hand to beat the banana.. *eh.. !!* no!! i mean egg… in less than two mins!!!!~ thats fast!!! ..

    oh.. for the sugar string right.. i guess its good to get a kitchen thermometer for that one.. it will state the stage of the candy… in degrees… i kinda found it handy.. to not to have a bitter taste caramel.. :~)

    i like the sugar web.. its so nice~~ ..

  4. b3nsim Says:

    hmm..a kitchen thermometer..hmm…ok

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