Banana Split it my way™

I know, i know. When mentioned banana split, the first thing that come into mind is the usual banana (the real banana ..hehe) with a few scoop of ice-cream of your choice with plenty of topping serve with hot chocolate sauce and whip cream rite? Well, this “Banana split it my way™” (no you don’t have to literally split it my way la, haha:) and yes it’s my trademark sudah..kekeke..) i used banana of course, but i prepared in special way that i saw from tv (yes, AFC la mana and also my creation of the chocolate disc, serve with Horlicks sorbet (of course it would be great if you have ice-cream la, more creamier kan, but what to do, i don’t have it in my fridge kan, so i use what ever i got lo ) with a sprinkle of crush toasted almond flakes and a little drizzle of honey.

Well, you know when u read any recipe it will state duration and difficulty kan?haha..well this one, duration, day difficulty, erm.if you got patience, you do la,lol. 🙂 Seriously, i mean, i started last nite with the Horlicks sorbet. It would be a lot easier if you have the ice-cream machine to make it, but i don’t have kan, so have to do it manually la. How? haha, i asked my si Fu in my dream (lol..) Well according to him, sorbet its actually a kind of frozen water with sugar and in this case i used Horlicks, that is light and smooth when its being scoop out because of the amount of air in it. And its not a type of ice-cream cause there’s no cream in it. Correct or not? 🙂  So, what i did was, as soon as the horlicks started to chill and frozen a little, i whisk it with a fork to incorporate more air in it. I have to do this a few times, every half an hour for about 3 times? ppl, to make your life easier, invest in a sorbet making machine. 🙂

Next is the chocolate disc. The same way i prepare my chocolate tear drop. I cut a round shape (diameter of your choice)on a piece of paper, melt the chocolate over a simmering boiled water (obviously i use a mixing bowl that is large enough to not let any steam out la :D) and spread it evenly on the round shape paper. Now, before you let it cool (in the fridge) don’t forget to peel it off and put it on a clean plate otherwise your round disc is not that round once its completely set. Trust me, i did it twice (sigh, chef konon..)

Then move on to the star of the recipe, the pisang :D, again, like i said most of the time, i just use what ever that i find in my house kan? So even the pisang/banana, also i pinjam from my she bought it to makan so i ask “Mi ar, can i take one?just one..can ar?”heheh of course la she said can, only son ba kan.hehe..anyway..back to the recipe..(focus..focus..) I baked it in the oven with the skin on for about 15 mins on 180°C or until the banana turns black (i know some of you like it black kan?kan? kekeke) ahem..yes..back to once it turns black, remove it from the oven and let it rest. Then, peel the skin (yes i got it rite this time kan the spelling..hehe) and you got yourself a purée banana texture.

Finally, its time to assemble everything together. This is the tricky part. I first do the meteor tail design (supposed to use a brush, but i don’t have one) so i just use a spoon to spread it with some banana purée and sprinkle some crush toasted almonds. Then, i put the banana purée (i put into a round mould that i chill it in the fridge for about an hour or so) follow by the chocolate disc and finally with the oval shape horlicks sorbet top with drizzle of honey. 🙂


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6 Responses to “Banana Split it my way™”

  1. tisi Says:

    Nice! and the horlick didn’t turn out so bad..

    btw.. who ate all these food? All u? Watch out, u’ll gain weight la u.. hahaha

  2. b3nsim Says:

    haha..who else la..but worries ba, im loosing weight actually..hmm..duno y..

  3. fara Says:

    Hmm.. looks simple.. but i bet you definitely with finger-licking.. chocolate.. sweet.. 😉

  4. jeromz Says:

    hehehehe!! ….

    someone loosing weight.. i think i noe why.. coz u didn’t get to eat a lot of nice hearty meal.. 😛 .. all these exquisite cuisine kan … see will be full… but those hawker style display.. will make u want more and more again… i dunno why.. but its like dat.. i think its because of the price…

    how did u smear the chocolate on the plate..very chef style.. :~O …

  5. b3nsim Says: i smear the chocolate ar?simple la…just use spoon lo..but recently i bought a brush, will show u the difference 🙂 its a lot nicer and finer..

  6. jeromz Says:

    not smear on ur body okay.. HAHAHA!! i guess the girls wouldn’t mind.. wakakaka!

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