My way of a healthier instant noodle

Yes! For the first time, no indomie (though i already had it just now for breakfast while learning Rpm 40 chorey, hehe..yeah last min..sigh). Remember the duck that my mom bought in Penang? Well, as i was digging for ingredients, i found another piece (kekkek). So did the same thing again, reheat it again with some honey spread on top. Till its golden brown, i removed from the oven and let it set. With the fats/flavor from the duck, i incorporate with the dark soy sauce and mixed it with the Udon (cheh wa, Udon ya puan-puan, upgrade sudah, hehe) . Mom bought it last week from the market and asked me to try. Well, it taste kinda good though, the texture its like the chinese “lou shue fun” or direct translation ‘rat poison’ haha..kidding.

It’s as simple as just boiling hot water and just cook it like you cook any instant noodle but of course without adding those flavoring. And this time when i was cutting the duck and assembling it on the plate for taking picture, i got some guests watching me ba, haha, my fellow kitties. I say to them, its not yours ba, you don’t like duckie 🙂

So i guess, to me this is consider healthier la, compare to indomie or any instant noodle kan? What do u think? hehe 🙂


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5 Responses to “My way of a healthier instant noodle”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Argh!!!! I’m hungry…stop cooking…..hehehe 😛

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Btw, it should be more healthy compared to your normal Indomie la……at least minus the MSG……but having duck too often is also not good ho…..high chlolestrol, but no matter wat…’s sure looks delicious!!

  3. b3nsim Says:

    haha..ya ho..aiya..i don’t get to eat duck so often de expensive.sigh

  4. fara Says:

    Oh ok.. as i can see nw.. yeah u were right tho’.. understood. Haha.. 😀
    Well.. oh yes.. its still bttr.. compare to the other instants’ 🙂

  5. jeromz Says:

    duck very expensive ah? .. i thought chicken and duck’s price are around the same.. but then hor.. duck is poisonous lor 😛 make u high cholesterol.. haha.. chicken doesn’t…

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