MNG Purée Duck with mango salsa

I know, you must be thinking, is this guy for real? Ducks for almost the entire week? lol. Ok la, this is the last time la, really finish sudah, the last of it. Oh, i remember saying that the duck was from Penang kan?Ha!, i was wrong ba, it was actually from Ipoh (on the way la konon..hmm), well that’s what my mom said when i was chatting with her while preparing the sauce. Anyway, back to this dish, as you can see i got extra ingredient, mango! yay! new ingredient to play with (i know, its not nice to play with food..but you’ll see la what i did with this mango later..keke.)

The mango sauce was kinda easy to prepare. Basically blend the mango (yes, this time i didn’t bake it like i did with the banana recipe, remember? :)) and i mixed it with some sauté garlic with the oil from reheating the duck. Flavor do the max i tell u! And i left some of the mango purée for something else (hehe, you’ll see la, for my dessert 🙂 so stay tune..) 

Rite after that, i move on with the salsa (ya puan-puan mari kita Salsa!. lol)hehe..sorry ya, i don’t do BodyJam so can’t really move my Shakira says kan, “hips don’t lie” lol )..ok the Salsa, pretty simple for this kinda salsa, basically, all i got is tomato and mango with some finely chopped parsley that i bought erm, long time ago, (ha, no la, last week only ba) oh with some finely chopped garlic of course. Mix all those ingredients together with some peanut oil (yes, should be olive oil kan, but for a change la tu, actually i don’t have olive oil ba ..hihi ) and finally season to taste.

Taste?Well, if you look at the pic, at first glance, looks like Dhaal (you know the one that you eat with roti canai?) haha..i can tell you its not lo for sure. When you sauté the mango purée, the natural sugar in the mango will release and it really goes well with the richness of the duck. Giving you a balance of sweet and savory meal along with the mango salsa and angel hair pasta.  Try it (i mean this method of cooking la, not eating, since you can only see from the pic kan?hehhe 😛


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2 Responses to “MNG Purée Duck with mango salsa”

  1. jeromz Says:

    very appetitzing meal.. sifu.. i wonder.. you just eat that much only?
    or just for presentation sake?

  2. b3nsim Says:

    hahaha of course not la, i got a pot of pasta to myself..kekeke

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