Mango cubic delight

Mango for dessert this time (instead of chocolate, hah!) Yes, i got new ingredient to play with. You know they said, don’t play with your food rite? Well, i did. More like i shaped it la. No not with my hands, with the help of the ice-cube mould of course (smart eh?hehe). At first, i was thinking of using gelatin with the mango purée, but then again, i thought i still have those gelatin sachet with me, hmm habis sudah. So, to try something new, i freeze it lo. This is the same mango that i used for the MNG purée duck recipe, remember? In other words, i got only one mango to use, so no more mango for my next recipe, sigh.m= hmm..

As for the other ingredient that i use, was this bluish kuih (malay word for dessert) that i got from ah muah. And yes neither of us know the real name of this kuih. hahah 🙂 Its normally serve with kaya (a kind of malay custard that is made from coconut milk,eggs and sugar – sweet and my all time favorite.). Fyi, the bluish kuih is made from glutinous rice and some coconut milk or santan (in malay for coconut milk) as well. 

To make this not so boring/traditional way of serving this dessert (which is just putting kaya on top of the kuih), i’ve decided to cut it bluish kuih into cubes and freeze the mango purée into a cube size as well and serve it with kaya that i put underneath the cubes. There you go, never under estimate with such a simple dessert that you can do so much with presentation. 🙂


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4 Responses to “Mango cubic delight”

  1. tisi Says:

    I don’t know that kuih’s name either..

  2. jeromz Says:

    hmm.. i think its a bit awkward when ur having a cold mango dessert with the kuih + kaya… hmmm …. maybe shud substitute one ? wad do you think?

  3. b3nsim Says: initial plan is to use gelatin like i said above, but then again dont have ba…hehe..improvise la..aiya

  4. b3nsim Says:

    Ok, people..Its confirmed! The name of the bluish kuih is called Kuit Ta Tai..hehhe..i had this afternoon at Kiliney’s kopitiam and i asked the auntie. 🙂

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