Canned Sardine with couscous

Sardine in cans, hmm remember back in the school days (primary school) they sell sardine sandwich that cost less than rm1?haha..i wonder if they’re still selling those or even the same price..hmm..Anyway, this dish is super easy to prepare. This time, instead of using pasta, i usecouscous. Cous-wat?hehehe..yes Couscous,a type of North African semolina in granules made from crushed durum wheat. There are many types in the market, some are with flavored, some just plain. I bought the plain ones, besides that its cheaper, you can actually infused it with the flavor of your choice. And the best thing its instant. All you have to do is, pour hot water on it and let it steam for about 5 mins. If you happen to have a broth or stock, it would flavor the couscous even better. No need to add salt at all. Couscous goes well with stews or any dishes that has a thick sauce. And you can even make salad with it. 

So, simple, start with the couscous first. I reheat my broth and pour into the couscous. Covered, so that the steam trap in the bowl and moisten the couscous. For about 5mins, then use a fork to loosen up the couscous so that it’ll become fluffy and not lumpy.  

Next, the sardine, no need to cook (cause this was yesterday’s leftovers..hehe) as you can see, all i have to do is just reheat it. Then, boil the egg (just like what i did previously, so that the yolk will ooze out.) 🙂 Finally, this time i got myself some greens, hah! hehe..simple balsamic vinegar+olive oil and drizzle some honey on it. This is my meal, erm, kinda cross between breakfast and lunch or brunch. I think  i’ll be using more couscous in my next menu.(just like duckie..hehe)


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2 Responses to “Canned Sardine with couscous”

  1. winnie Says:

    How much water/broth/stock should u pour on the couscous? Is it like too much will make the couscous too soggy … too little won’t soften it ?

    I really really like the egg…. look at the yolk bah…

  2. b3nsim Says:

    Well..u pour until it fills up the amount of couscous that u put in a bowl lo..meaning just covered the surface of it..but make sure the stock goes all around la..and dont for get to kacau kacau it after that it’ll b fluffy..hehhe..

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