Prawn skewers with trio mayonnaise

Right, as promise on my prev, prev and prev blog (if u got baca properly..hehe) that i’m supposed to make prawn lollipop kan..hmm…some how tak jadi la.haha..well as you can see, its not that lolli after all..hehe..i don’t have that cornstarch to bind them (the prawn mix) together i use normal flour saja..anyway..jadi jugak la, i mean the taste wise. Hemm..So, the ingredients are, prawn, water chestnut, onion, spring onion, rosemary and 1 whole egg. To marinade, i add a little sesame oil and oyster sauce lo, thats all. 🙂

First, with the prawns kan, which i bought today (after my rpm @ uptown),i think was the cheapest that icould find,in fact, thats my usual place where i get my prawns (though the lady boss never recognized me..heh) its about $9/500g of course got more bigger and expensive one la..but obviously not necessary since i’m going cincang (minced in malay)it yeah, so i peel and deveined the prawns one by one. Fyi, i just use half of what i’ve bought, saving it for another starter (coming soon..this time, its going to be Prawn with thai mango salad..hah!.)  



Done with the prawns, then i add the remaining ingredients in lo (water chestnut, onion-diced, spring onion-finely chopped and rosemary -snip snip heheh). Then i move on to the sauces, which is the mayonnaise mix in 3 different ways (sweet-orange, sour-lime and spicy-wasabi). This is very easy, simply zest the lime and orange with their juices (make sure that the juice is less than the amount of mayonnaise, otherwise it will change the consistency of the sauce) and for the wasabi, just add in the japanese horseradish lo. 🙂

For presentation, i just add some black sesame which i bought today also at cold storage (and its organic punya ba, ish you think its cheap ar..hmm..i also forgot how much sudah). As you can see, i used bamboo skewer. You can switch that with skewers made from sugar cane or even use rosemary’s stem. Hmm..will definately try again to make into a ball shape..sigh..


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10 Responses to “Prawn skewers with trio mayonnaise”

  1. fara Says:

    Here you go.. another dish that i love.. Hmm.. mayo..mayo.. 😉

  2. tisi Says:

    If I go to KL someday, can I order this? i’ll let u know where to deliver it *wink wink*

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Prawn is my favourite, Mayo is also my favourite…..can you not cook something that is not in my “List of Favourites”??? You make me hungry for food everytime i check your blog…..hai……already la no BodyCombat and BodyPump to burn the calories…….die la die la…….:P
    But, frankly speaking….this dish is sure a “”YUM YUM”….can tell from the look of it already…..;)
    Good job, Chef Ben! LOL

  4. jeromz Says:

    yummy.. sifu got.. recipe for this one?

  5. b3nsim Says:

    Tisi: haha sure,,but u must give me 24 hours notice ba..ehhe haf to marinade ba, taste better overnite..if u know what i mean..hhehe..wink wink

    Jeremy: Finally!, got someone ask for the recipe.hehe

    Marinade: With a dash of sesame oil
    Oyster sauce

    Mix with minced prawn, finely chopped onions and water chestnut, some spring onions and a few sprigs of rosemary.
    Before letting it set in the fridge, add one whole egg and some corn starch.
    Mix it well and let it rest for at least 1 to 2 hour.

    As for the mayonnaise, simple the blog..hehe

  6. winnie Says:

    Can this work with chopped garlic instead of onion ?

  7. b3nsim Says:

    can..i got add garlic also ar..forgot to mention..hehe.ops

  8. jeromz Says:

    haiyo.. .. next time write recipe .. make sure its complete.. dun keep yer secret ingredient ya~ 😛 😛 ..

    need to ask only give the recipe wan ah? .. eee

  9. b3nsim Says:

    haiyo.u really didnt read my blog properly la..ish u ar..i told u already ma..i this is not a recipe kinda blog ba…if u want then i tell la..u think i so free to write every single thing meh..

  10. jeromz Says:

    k lor… no ma.. if not.. u DISPLAY so nice food for wad.. like dat only make us.. drip saliva only!! … later ur kitchen flooded with saliva then u know..

    wait wait.. i mean ur kitchen BLOG..

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