Roast chicken with nasi himpit

“Setelah genap sebulan berpuasa, tibalah masanya untuk menyambut Hari Raya dan menikmati hidangan yang enak seperti masakan Ah Ben dan mari kita gemuk bersama-sama haha!” What it means in malay is, its been a month we’ve been fasting, finally its time to celebrate. So its payback know what it means rite?ehehe..especially the gemuk bersama-sama..hehe..anyway..this dish above, as you can see i use nasi himpit from my previous open-house that i went (in fact it was on sun, my aunt’s house @ Pandamaran- gosh..punya jauh..) Anyway, my aunt is a muslim ūüôā cool huh..hehe..

Well, i did the same thing with the roast chicken as i did the last time for ah muah (no i didn’t take pic that time cause kinda rushing, wanna surprise her kan..hehe) So, i did it again la..just that, this time i have all chicken drumstick for myself lo..hehe.. I marinade it for about erm, 4hours, in fact, the longer u marinade, the better the taste lo.. The same marinade, ginger, garlic, oyster sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, finely chopped rosemary and honey during roasting.

I decided to substitute nasi himpit with the old traditional pasta, since its a tradition to eat nasi himpit with thick gravy like the sambal kacang (or the spicy peanut sauce-  same type that you eat with satay) and also with either rendang daging or ayam. So, instead of the both, i decided to do something different la, for a change..hehe..i kasi roast sama itu ayam ba..haha..

Its a good combination for a change, i can imagine if i have additional few packets of nasi himpit and roast a whole chicken..hah!..mati la..then it’ll become dinner/supper sudah kan.?hehe.


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