Stuffed bell pepper with tuna mix

You can ring my beeeelllll..ring my bell.pepper..hehehe…yes something new this time..its bell pepper. Saw this recipe on one of my “party and appetizer” cook book. And as always, i did something different from the original recipe. With the ingredients that i have (left of over from previous cookings..hehe). Well, i roast the bell pepper that i bought this morning at Tmn Tun (wa..not cheap eh, different color different price ba..ish) anyway, its 3 for $4.50. Depends of its size as well..hmm.. So i bought green, yellow and red.) Until they’re hangus (burned, skin turned black) then let it rest and covered (so that when it cools down, its easier to peel off the skin) As you can see, i only use quarter of each of the pepper (i wanna try out first, not sure whether its nice or not..i mean..presentation wise..hehe)..

Tuna filling..well this is easy. I just buy one of those canned tuna flakes in water and mix it with mayonnaise, finely chopped onions and garlic, water chestnut and some wasabi paste.Simple kan?..hahaha..Here comes the difficult part, spreading the tuna filling and folding it. To actually fold nicely and to be able to hold its form is something that i did a few times today. The first time i did it…hmm..doesn’t really look presentable ba, i look kinda chunky. Then i tried again, to cut it and trim the sides and to make it thinner. Yup, boleh the trick here is to thinly cut it pepper and never over spread the fillings. 🙂 Try it yourself. You might not like it..hehe..cause its so time consuming ba. This will definately cost a lot if i were to include this in my catering menu..hehe..sorry ar. 🙂 Since i’m not working today, so i guess i just give it a try lo. But, one thing for sure, the next time if i were to do this again, i’ll get myself bigger bell peppers :p easier ba to fold. Don’t you think so? Let me know if you really did this appetizer yeah? Enjoy!


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6 Responses to “Stuffed bell pepper with tuna mix”

  1. winnie Says:

    wow…i like the colors….must these be eaten immediately after making? or can u make them earlier ?

  2. b3nsim Says:

    nice kan the color?the taste is even better ba..hehee..erm..not really la..u can eat it when its cold..yes definately can make it earlier..

  3. jeromz Says:

    sifu.. i think its time for u to open a stall la..

    hungry ady la.. make sure u prepare a lot for me to munch munch..

  4. b3nsim Says:

    hahaha..stall ar?u mean gerai ar?hehe..siao meh?! hehe..hmm.mayb i should start at pasar malam ho..hehe

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Hmm…nice colour combination… the pepper ‘hot’ kah?? Cos I was thinking this could be a good finger food for Kid’s Party…colourful and tuna…most kids love them…hehehe

    Yabah…Jeromz…..good idea o…..gerai or pasar malam…..this sifu can do business already liao ….hehehehe

  6. b3nsim Says:

    no la..its not hot ba…just bell pepper..hehe.yeah good finger food..hehe..gerai?wa u think easy meh..ehhehe after dbkl come then how?hehhe..haf to tutup kedai lo..hehe.n run like the hk ppl lo..”jau kwai ar!!”

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