Japanese Tofu with minced chicken and mushroom

Remember the previous dish? (Steamed japanese tofu with prawn) that i bought $2 for 3? Yeah..i cooked the remaining tofu with some minced chicken strips and yes…chinese mushroom..heheh..Actually this dish kan..its like the chinese version of “mah-por tofu” which means..erm..hehe..actually i also duno..hehe..(thats why i want you to comment lo.hehhe) and this chinese version one yeah…uses pork ..but i don’t have with me so i use chicken lo..:) halal kan.. 🙂 anyway..the chinese mushroom..in the original recipe is not included one..i just feel like adding into it..for the flavor sake and variety ba…hmmm

I first sauté the garlic and then i add the minced chicken meat. Then comes the mushroom in which i soaked in hot salted water until they’re soft and cook for about 10mins. Seasoned with some oyster sauce and dark soy sauce to give some color. As it started to dry up, i add some stock (you must be wondering, how come this fella always got stock available all the time?hahha..well cause my mom always cook soup ba.so normally can’t finish on the same day kan..so left over la tu.:) ) and then finally the tofu lo.

With that stock/soup, i heat it and pour it on my couscous (after this no more couscous sudah..habis already..hehe) covered for a few mins then fork it so that it’ll become fluffy. Oh if you notice, there’s some green also kan?hehe..yeah today i decided to pay a visit to my vegie uncle – Ah wong..hehe..Bought a handful of french beans that cost me $1.50..hmm..okie la tu..considering i lama tak makan french bean sudah.. How i prepare it? Simple, remember i mentioned i heat up the soup for the couscous? i blanched the french bean in that soup..haha..clever kan?hehe..so that soup is full of flavor..yum…

With some chicken strip left, i marinade with some grated ginger, garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce. And before i deep fry it, i coat it with breadcrumbs. This cooks very easily and fast too. To present, i use something different this time..i recycled i tell u..hehe the black styrofoam that comes with the chicken strips that i bought from cold storage..hehe..save money..no need to buy black plate..kekek..for now la tu.. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Japanese Tofu with minced chicken and mushroom”

  1. winnie Says:

    sigh…… big big big sigh…… I think I hate u…. I really do….. hahahhahah….. can u try to cook something that’s awful looking and taste even worse?

  2. b3nsim Says:

    hahah i did ar..just that i didn’t upload it only ma..hahaha… 🙂

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