Mango and Kiwi Chocolate Mousse

Ah mousse ar..this is the second chocolate mousse that i did since the last one (Chocolate tear-drop..remember?) Well, this one, i mix with some fruit pureè. Mango and kiwi. What i did was pretty simple. Just combine both, layer after layer. With mousse then pureè and mousse again all the way up to the top of the shot glass. Simple kan? WRONG! LU INGAT MACAM ITU SAJA KA? ( what it means was, LU INGAT MACAM ITU SAJA KA?ehehe..ok ok..kidding it means its not as simple as it looks like) . I mentioned layer after layer rite? In order for each layer to stay at its form and not to mix with other layer, you need to chill it and chill yourself too (meaning sabar la tu..hehe..) be patience.

The mousse is okie cause once you let it chill in the fridge, less than 15mins, it’ll set. But as for the pureè, wait la. The mango pureè seems to chill and set faster than the kiwi pureè. You know why?haha..well i guess you will figure it out la when u cut the mango and kiwi. One of them has more water percentage than the other. Or shall i say, one if more fibrous then the other. 🙂

How long are we talking about here?hmm..well, let’s put it this way. Mousse sets faster, some where around 10mins, and the pureè is around 15-30mins. So add together, erm..about an hour 20mins plus plus just to get the layers stacked all the way to the top of the shot glass. Long kan? try la..then you let me know your frustration..hehe..Fyi, the picture taken was second attempt on the same day/nite, so do you math again la on how long i spend on this dessert. 🙂

Once its done, i then top with what i called the “fruit paper”. I got this recipe from my other sifu which has the same name as mine too, you figure it out la ha..hehe..What he did was, he pureè the juice with some caster sugar (that helps in caramelization) and some lemon juice (to prevent oxidation, so that the pureè wont change its color from exposing in air) This is also another long process, so cook smart. Start this before u prepare your mousse. okie? Oh by the way, you need to baked in an oven for 1-2hours at 100ºC. You must be thinking?What?!! Da lah have to wait for the layers to set, now this one also berjam-jam? Ish..But i tell u something, its worth every single minute ba..seriously. Enjoy! 🙂


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4 Responses to “Mango and Kiwi Chocolate Mousse”

  1. tisi Says:

    Wow.. so yummy.. I want this dessert delivered to my place.. kan order ka? so nice..

  2. jeromz Says:

    OMG………… geng,…

  3. b3nsim Says:

    Tisi: okie ba..but must let me know in advance la..haha..

    Jeromz: If not geng then im not ur si fu la..hahaha..kidding

  4. jeromz Says:

    ya lor… u really hou yao sam si ah!

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