Mini Chocolate Melts with pineapple and mint flavoured sugar

Chocolate again! Yes, still got a bit more from Annie Teng kan..hehe cause she bought 2 packets for me, so decided to do my all time fav, the chocolate melts. Actually, its from my si fu, its called chocolate pots ba. Simple, just whipping cream, chocolate egg yolks and if you have some brandy (keke..) tambah saja la, but dont forget yeah..jangan bagi ur kids..hehe..nanti berahi sudah..hahha… :P. then im not responsible okie?hehe..anyway, just a little info on the chocolate pot/melts, heat the cream until almost boil on the saucepan, then turn off the gas. Add the chocolate on the cream and keep stirring until the chocolate combine with the cream. Then add the yolk for extra creaminess and of course the alcohol thingy la, kalau ada, kalau nak. 🙂

Normally, its served in a shot glass and chilled until ready to be serve. But this time, i served in a cupcake-like shape. Now, this is another challenge. Agai

n the peeling part, always the difficult part. Why? Well, when you spread it on the cupcake mould paper kan, you have to make sure that you spread it evenly and generously. To little, you’ll find yourself having trouble peeling it o

ff, trust me. I did 5, and only manage to peel off 1 without breaking the edges. yeah..always a challenge in everything kan..again, you try la, let me know your frustrations..keke 🙂

But again, the chilling part is super fast. As you know, its just chocolate kan. So as soon as you put in the fridge kan, less than 10mins, keras sudah..hehe (yes,, once its harden up sudah kan, just pour the chocolate mix into it, and let it chill again before you serve lo. Simple kan?hehe..

I use pineapple with this chocolate cause of the acidity of the pineapple ba. And as for the green stuff, its actually mint flavored sugar. That explains the greenish color kan?haha..well i used green coloring ba..:) To make the flavored sugar, simply mix the mint and sugar in a mortar and pestle. Then, let it dry and you get the flavored sugar. You can do with any herbs. Fun kan?hehe..i know, i like to play with food. 🙂

Anyway, as for this recipe, i saw from a magazine on sunday, plus the idea that i got from tv on the chocolate cupcake mould plus again the pineapple with mint that i got it from my si fu, equals this small but filling dessert. Enjoy! 🙂


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5 Responses to “Mini Chocolate Melts with pineapple and mint flavoured sugar”

  1. fara Says:

    Chocolate,chocolate,chocolate.. Hw nice.. Cant stop of having it! U r superb my dear ben.. 🙂

  2. b3nsim Says:

    🙂 thank u

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Yes, chocolate and more chocolate……keep it coming ‘Sifu’…….there’s a lot of chocolate lovers out there…….keep inventing new chocolate desserts……I just love to see the pics of every dish……;)

  4. b3nsim Says:

    haha..wait tll u c the next 1…:)

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Oh yes……faster le……Chocolate desserts…..can never get enough of it….:p

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