Potato basket with stir-fry chicken

Happy Birthday to me…hmm..Instead of baking a cake for myself, i made this dish.hahha.. This is a simpldsc04545e combination of the food that i like to eat. The stir fried chicken with onions, bell pepper and some tomatoes. As for the potato..hah! confirm is my fav la tu..hehe..if you read the previous post, that i did something with potatoes? yeah..its the same..but this time i used a muffin mould to make this little basket. Not really that hard to prepare la (yeah rite..thats what i always said kan..hehe).

Well to start, i finely grate the potato and always make sure to squeeze out the excess water out of it before placing in the muffin mould. Preheat the oven at 200ºC and bake it until its golden brown lo. How long? About 15-20mins lo. heh. 🙂 Then once its done, let it rest before removing from the mould lo. Simple kan?..

dsc04544The stir fry. Lagi simple. Just sauté the garlic with the chicken that i’ve cut in cubes (yes, i know i should have cut it smaller kan?hehe..i was hungry la..so have to do it fast lo..hehe) follow by the peppers, onions and some tomatoes (i left one only, so might as well put it in la..hehe ) Cook for a few mins then season with oyster sauce and some liquid for the sauce (nope,this time didn’t add soup/broth sebab mum didn’t cook any soup these few days..sigh..haha).dsc04549

dsc04564Once that is done, then put it all together lo. Gau dim.. 🙂 oh yeah, the kidney bean in tomato sauce. That one i didn’t cook it la..its from then can ba..hehe.as you also know that i like kidney bean kan..hehe..so i guess this makes a perfect marriage. Potato basket with stir fried chicken serves with kidney bean in tomato sauce. Enjoy! Eh got wish me happy birthday or not ?hehhe..if you did..many thanks..if u didn’t..hmm…nvm la.. sigh.. :p.

dsc04558  dsc04555



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5 Responses to “Potato basket with stir-fry chicken”

  1. jeromz Says:

    eeeeeeeeeeee… creative

  2. tisi Says:

    Happy Birthday Ben.. now where’s my plate? Got some for me kah? 😛

  3. b3nsim Says:

    Jeromz:hahah..creative ar..hehe..tank u..no la..just something easy n i like to eat only ba.

    Tisi: haha..ur plate?hehe..hmm..

  4. tisi Says:

    When u put the potato inside the muffin mould, do u put oil or butter on it first? Does it stick?

  5. b3nsim Says:

    Tisi: yeah..i did sapu some oil in it..to be on the safe side..though im using a non stick mould.. 🙂

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