Chicken & Potatoes – 3 ways

dsc04809Chicken and potatoes, the most common pairing when it comes to any types of cuisine. As for this one, hah! you must be thinking, aiyo, so banyak kerja, 3 different types of chicken and potatoes somemore. 🙂 I did all these in less than 2 hours or so only hehe. The reason why i did this quick cause of 2 reason. 1 is that i want to catch the natural lighting to capture the best picture and 2nd is that i want to get this idea out of my head ASAP. Got this idea from one of my favorite chef, Guy Rubino, the italian chef with his well known fine dining restaurant in canada called Rain. If you google him or visit his website, you’ll find most of his presentation also like this one. All kecil portion that you makan a 100 times also tak kenyang one..hehe..that’s what i called Fine dining la..hehe..cause its fine ma..hehe..rite? 🙂

dsc04810dsc048271Right, the first one. Poached chicken strips with a herbal broth. The herbal broth, yes, thanks to my mom. She loves making soups. But sometimes, cant finish on time to cook for another one..hehe. So yeah, i poached the chicken strips that i marinated only for about 30mins with oyster sauce. Remember i said i want to make it quick?hehe so yeah. The chicken will absorb all the herbs from the broth. After about 15mins, depending on the thickness of the strips. Then let it rest, coat it with toasted almond flakes and serve with pesto sauce. 

dsc04812dsc04829Second, well. Its the same, just that i didn’t coat it with almond flakes but i drizzle with balsamic reduction. Yes, just basic balsamic vinegar that is reduced into half by heating under a middle high heat. Until it become a syrupy kind of consistency. And this, i serve with deep fried “shoe-string” like potatoes.

dsc04811dsc04822Last, caramelize chicken. Yup, i did this before, cooking the chicken strips with sugar under high heat. Till the sugar turns caramel and its high heat cook through the chicken. 🙂 For this, i pair with pesto mashed potato and serve with mango sauce that i reduce it. Same way i did with the balsamic vinegar. 🙂 I must say, i kinda like the presentation. hehe 🙂 Enjoy looking 🙂



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3 Responses to “Chicken & Potatoes – 3 ways”

  1. tisi Says:

    I like the part “All kecil portion that you makan a 100 times also tak kenyang one.” Honestly I haven’t gone to fine dining all my life.. tak worth the price la.. hahahahaha….

    • b3nsim Says:

      haha..i only had once…but that was long time a fine dining rest tapi i makan ala carte..silly kan?instead of the full course..

  2. winnie Says:

    These are almost too pretty to eat …. I like the caramelized chicken best so if I were to eat these, I’d start with the chicken with the balsamic vinegar followed by the almond coated one then save the best for the last…. Yummy…

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