Chicken Pesto Pasta

dsc04841     dsc04843Pesto, i’m into pesto for now.hehe..still got a bit left after this dish. 1 simple ingredient. Just pesto. For some that doesn’t know what its made of, well, here it goes. The basic pesto sauce normally consist of basil, pine nuts and olive oil. Yes, you can make this your own. Simply blend all that ingredients in a blender. dsc04846For a change, you can substitute with other herbs such as rocket/arugula or even coriander. How you do it? Put the herbs and the pine nuts (to bring out the aroma of the pine nuts, simply toast it in an oven till it turn golden brown) in the blender and with the lit open, slowly pour in the olive to emulsify. Stop until you get a sauce consistency. 🙂 Pesto goes well with meat. And for that,as you already know by now that i’ve been eating chicken for everytime my mom went to market, she normally buy like more than a yeah.

dsc04838 dsc04840

I marinate the de-boned chicken thigh with pesto and some seasoning for overnight and boy that chicken taste delicious i tell you. And i also noticed one thing, that the chicken cooks faster too. Do you know why? Hmm..well its because after overnight marinating with the pesto, the marinate slowly penetrate into the chicken fibers therefore opening up the fibers more allowing heat to cook thoroughly. Take for example, satay (malay style of chicken skewers). Obviously they marinate the chicken overnight right? otherwise it won’t taste fantastic isn’t it? And how long does it takes to cook that satay? not long right? You see my theory? hehe..:) Anyway its just my theory and i think it make sense. 🙂 hah!


So, to cook this, i simply pan fry it. You can use a grill-pan to get the grill marked on it, but i malas. i didn’t.. But anyway, its good enough and since i’m hungry at that time, so yeah. Quick and simple. For the choice of pasta, i chose spaghetti. Why? cause almost habis already..hehe so yeah finish it lo..hehe.. There you go, simple and yet, delicious. 🙂



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3 Responses to “Chicken Pesto Pasta”

  1. winnie Says:

    wah… I feel like I am back in the school attending science class… with your theory about the meat cooking faster.

    Seems like an interesting and delicious dish…. will try it out.

  2. sunshine Says:

    i oso into pesto..i eat it the lazy way, with bread…

  3. Waterlily Says:

    uuuuuuuu……… blog that makes me wanna eat more and more… errr…..

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