Deep fried squid on broccoli with garlic butter sauce and crispy lotus root chip

Yes yes..i know that i mentioned on the previous blog that i was supposed to cook steamed fish with broccoli ..wakaka..but hor was a sunday and father’s day i malas to fillet fish lah..and at the same time i never cook squid before try lo..:)

But this time, i bought a BIG squid oh..2 for Rm 10.  This is a simple simple dish. What i did was to slice the squid and deep fried it with corn starch. My darling said on this pic doesn’t look like deep fried oh..hmm but actualy she’s right also la..cause i didn’t coat it thick ma. :).

Leng gau – in hokkien for Lotus Root (Yes Eve it’s called Lotus root, incase you are wondering and it was killing you that time when i post the pic on fb..waakkakkaak ) 🙂 I finely slice the lotus root and deep fried it together with the squid. What i had in mind when i plate with the crispy lotus root was just with the garlic-ginger butter sauce. But come to think of it, i might as well put some on top of the fried squid lo. And you know what, after i plate it, my mom said “aijor so cute, looks like a kitten” and i was like ha?..wakakkak which part of it looks like kitten wo..kns..but anyway after that i give that dish to my mom and dad to eat lo 🙂

The garlic-ginger butter sauce is quite hard to make though. You need to emulsify both butter and cream/milk or any dairy products or liquids. That means you got to keep stirring when you are mixing both otherwise it will break (separation of butter and oil). I think i managed to emulsify the sauce gua. Looks and taste good geh.. :).That’s all for now la..overall i rate myself 7/10 only la..because in terms of ingredients i can do more geh..hmm..that’s all for now la..stay tune for more dishes to come la..still working on one now..:P


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