Ben’s Little Kitchen..yes its very little and small :)


This blog, yes i’m writing a blog..hahaha 🙂 not many ppl or friends knows that im doing this for passion for food and not for business (of course, if your interested, do drop your contact la..heh 😀 ) and the reason i named it Ben’s Little Kitchen is because, of my small little kitchen at home. Everything is small, from the stove to the kitchen sink to my cutting board, seriously if i were to use Ikea’s cutting board don’t think i’ve got any more space to do my sad isn’t it?…hmm..nope! ..if i can work in a small space efficiently ..imagine what i can do if i’ve got an island in my kitchen (you do know what’s an island rite?..not Sapi or Mamutik or Manukan ya..hehhe ). And the food that i cook also kinda small, i do enjoy preparing the food as well as the presentations..Everything i cook, you will see soon its everyday fuss without a receipe (haha..sounds familiar?heheh..think again)..Well most of my inspirations are from watching tv (AFC, channel 703 on Astro..haha..last time used to be in Discovery Travel & Living) and books as well like Jamie Oliver, Bill Granger (will showcase his recipe more in future.. 🙂 ), Kitchen Science and my best book Culinary Artistry (this is like a bible to me, it has everything u need to know about food matching, presentation and etc.

Lastly, hope u enjoy all the cookings and the pictures taken here..and as you will notice, there’s no recipe in this blog. If you’re interested in any of the recipe?, just leave a comment and i’ll get back to you. 🙂


5 Responses to “Ben’s Little Kitchen..yes its very little and small :)”

  1. jeromz Says:

    your type of journal type not nice to browse ley. .have to click click….

    i wanna learn the way you present it.. very stylo ley.. i still dun have the creativity… sifu sifu..

  2. b3nsim Says:

    haha..haiya what to do..its free one ma fan customize..lazy to spend so much time on customizing ma, might as well spend more time on cooking n presenting lo..

  3. fara Says:

    how amazing.. such a great job! May i try sometime.. 🙂

  4. tisi Says:

    nice introduction.. u’ve been busy blogging, hvn’t ya? ;P

  5. b3nsim Says:

    haha..okie la..kinda addicted to it sudah kan..hehe

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