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Deep fried squid on broccoli with garlic butter sauce and crispy lotus root chip

June 20, 2011

Yes yes..i know that i mentioned on the previous blog that i was supposed to cook steamed fish with broccoli ..wakaka..but hor was a sunday and father’s day i malas to fillet fish lah..and at the same time i never cook squid before try lo..:)

But this time, i bought a BIG squid oh..2 for Rm 10.  This is a simple simple dish. What i did was to slice the squid and deep fried it with corn starch. My darling said on this pic doesn’t look like deep fried oh..hmm but actualy she’s right also la..cause i didn’t coat it thick ma. :).

Leng gau – in hokkien for Lotus Root (Yes Eve it’s called Lotus root, incase you are wondering and it was killing you that time when i post the pic on fb..waakkakkaak ) 🙂 I finely slice the lotus root and deep fried it together with the squid. What i had in mind when i plate with the crispy lotus root was just with the garlic-ginger butter sauce. But come to think of it, i might as well put some on top of the fried squid lo. And you know what, after i plate it, my mom said “aijor so cute, looks like a kitten” and i was like ha?..wakakkak which part of it looks like kitten wo..kns..but anyway after that i give that dish to my mom and dad to eat lo 🙂

The garlic-ginger butter sauce is quite hard to make though. You need to emulsify both butter and cream/milk or any dairy products or liquids. That means you got to keep stirring when you are mixing both otherwise it will break (separation of butter and oil). I think i managed to emulsify the sauce gua. Looks and taste good geh.. :).That’s all for now la..overall i rate myself 7/10 only la..because in terms of ingredients i can do more geh..hmm..that’s all for now la..stay tune for more dishes to come la..still working on one now..:P


Chicken with roasted capsicum puree on a bed of enoki mushroom with bouquet of roasted aubergine couscous

June 17, 2011

                       Waaaa…when was the last time i really cook and take pic ah..hmm.looking back at my previous post..was somewhere in January?..haih…but anyway..i’m back now la..(don’t worry i got a few more dishes (yes..a few more) showcase stay tune okie? Heeee.

The idea for this dish came from 2 source. The first is, during our anniversary dinner with my darling (yes, my 6th month old darling 🙂  at centrepoint, OneUtama –  forgot the name, something monster. My darling ordered roasted chicken with shitake. And this sauce that they use for the chicken looks like tomato sauce. Knowing me, i’ll taste and try to figure out what’s the ingredient, and thought it was special. Its actually bellpepper sauce. That’s why i came up with this version of mine (but missing another key ingredient – cream, haih nvm la, will do again next time). That’s why from the pic looks like sambal or curry paste rite? wakakka..

Enoki mushroom to substitute of shitake because, 1) it’s cheaper and 2) its cheaper lo 🙂 wakaka..cut cost know la nowdays, susah cari makan la…wakakka..

The 2nd idea came from this magazine that shows the bouquet of aubergine. I find that’s cool man, so decided to do it myself also lo. I love aubergine. The taste and the texture..hmmm..yup yup..Couscous also my another fav after pasta. IT’s easy to cook and it absorb what ever broth that you use to cook it. For this, i use my mom’s herbal soup. Heeee…If you look closely, i also put some chopped capsicum and tomatoes for colors. Raisin to add the sweet dimension into the couscous – macam Moroccan dish la konon..wakaka..

Well, the other special reason why i decided to write this blog besides my passion for cooking and taking pics is that, the best part..after cooking and getting ready to plate ..guess what happen next??. My camera battery died wo..KNS…i didn’t check lo..walau eh!! what i did was..i charge lo..while waiting for it to charge..i think again how to plate better i wait and wait..n wait..thought after 15mins ok already geh..but..still low ..then i tell myself..ok fine..i’ll snap the pic as fast as i can, as many as i can..and guess what..this is what i got.. consider impressive la..wakakaka…

That’s all for now la..the next one is a fish dish..:) something simple and yet elegant’s call Steamed Fillet on a bed of broccoli with lemon garlic butter sauce with lotus root chips ..Till then..enjoy the pics 🙂

Stuffed lychee with chicken wrapped with streaky bacon with creamy mushroom sauce and warm couscous salad

January 9, 2011

Strike 2! Yes this is the 2nd dish in the row ladies and gentlemen…WAkaka..hmmm..So yeah just like the above mentioned..stuffed lychee with chicken. I wanted to do this dish the last time during Merdeka eve countdown dinner with Jp,Teoh, Sharon and Eric but somehow i failed lo. Cause of poor planning..damn..but this time, after a few tweaks here and there, managed to come out with it lo. It turns out more than i expected to be. Much juicier and tastier (yes, in case your wondering why i say like that is because this is one of my creation – that means, never try before lo..think outside the box ma..) What i like about this dish is that the combination of sweet, savory, smoky and crunchy (from both asparagus and streaky bacon). ITs just absolutely sensational i tell you..yes you..! 🙂

So, here’s the details. Once again i used chicken thigh (the upperside of drumstick cause its juicier and tender) and cut them into small chunks. Small enough that i could stuff into a lychee. I use a can lychee because i can’t find the fresh one (sorry lo). I first cook the streaky bacon for a few mins then i start with the chicken. With the chicken, i saute with some oyster sauce, sesame oil and that’s it. No seasoning at all (oyster sauce are already salty).

Lastly, i toss the asparagus over a tea spoon of oil on a non-stick pan. Again, just for a few mins. As for the creamy mushroom sauce, just saute chopped garlic with butter then sweat the mushroom. Until you see the mushroom starts to shrink, then pour in the cream (i use whipped cream – Emborg brand la) and lightly season with salt and pepper.

As for the warm salad, i choose couscous instead of the conventional coleslaw. Simple, just pour the dry couscous (you can buy this at cold storage) over a warm broth (i used chicken broth) and let it sit for 4mins (according to the instruction on the pack) and to keep it fluffy, fork it (yes fork it!! heeee ) after 4mins. What i add to this couscous is some pan roast bell pepper, brinjal and asparagus. You can add more for example corriander, courgette or even slice orange.

Time to plate – i stuff the chicken chunks into the lychee then wrapped them with the streaky bacon with asparagus. Put them on top of the cream of mushroom sauce. Simple huh? 🙂 you bet. Try this, i’ll guarantee you and your love ones will enjoy this simple and yet succulent dish.

Almond Crusted Roast Chicken with orange sauce reduction

November 29, 2008

dsc04705dsc04699Right..I know..i’ve been missing in action for a while..hehe..sorry ba..busy’s another creation of mine. Nothing much, nothing that i’ve not done before. Some left over de-boned chicken thigh that i marinated almost 1 day back ..hehe ..didnt cook at that time cz came back late ba..hehe. Saw this recipe that is totally different from this, but was blown away by the color of the sauce, which is the orange sauce. You know me la, when i like the color and presentation, i sure wanna try to create the same ba..which i did. The recipe uses scallop time la..i belum cuba before ba..itu scallop.mahal kan?hmm.Orange Well, i reduce it. I heat the juice on a medium high heat( with some sugar to help the caramalization) until the liquid thickens and reduces into half. 🙂

dsc04700As for the chicken, well, its easy since it already de-boned sudah kan, so i roast it for about 20mins on 200ºC. The marinade? For this dish, its just 3. Oyster sauce, sesame oil and crushed black pepper. I didn’t use garlic or ginger like i normally do. Why? cz i malas la..kidding..i want to keep it simple since i’m using toasted almond flakes also kan and also with the orange sauce..hmm..

dsc04706dsc04707The taste. Hmm..toasted almond with get the crunchiness and the aroma from the almonds goes really well with the chicken. Now you know why some salads (i.e chicken salad) uses crushed almonds ba kan?..Good combination of two different texture and flavor. You can also substitute with other types of nuts like pistachios, walnut or even peanuts. And as for the orange sauce..well, what can i say, sweet acidic cuts the richness of the chicken. Enjoy! 🙂



My (bfast, lunch, dinner & supper)for now..sigh

October 2, 2008

Yes my friend, this is Indomie Mi Goreng, quite famous when it comes to ordering in SS2 mamak stalls, and this (for now..)happens to be my breakfast, lunch, dinner (sometimes) and supper. You know what, i google this and manage to find out some facts about this instant noodle product. And to tell u the truth, at first i thought the name Indomie is just a brand name, never thought it was from Indonesia. Guess who told me that..(ah muah when we had our dinner/supper at SS2 mamak stall.hehe..

Anyway since i makan almost all the time kan, so i want to know what are the side effects it has on a person if makan excessively ba..hmm..well here it goes..when i type “can you eat indomie everyday?” haha..i didnt get much about the side effects, just mostly about the MSG in it and there’s a few sites even mentioned that a person died from eating too much instant noodle..sigh..but u know in chinese, there’s a saying that if you want to die, might as well die with a full, well for my case, i dont have a choice financial crisis kan..heheh..have to bear with this ba..i know its not healthy but..when times like this, Indomie always seems to be my best fren..kakaka..

oh with the addition of telur mata kerbau (sunny side up in Malay 🙂 )how can u resist eating it again and again and again ba…am i rite or very rite?:D and the best thing about this instand noodle kan, u can actually add any type of veggie into it, not a problem, since when i eat i just slurp dengan sekuat hati anyway all the taste of the sayur and the telur when it breaks ( the yolk) hungry again now (as im writing this..hahah) but no la..just had roti canai just now with Ah muah ..hehe..nvm la..i just drink Horlicks only la..kekeke..

Anyway, nothing much to talk abt this indomie, dont want to talk bad about it since its my only meal that get me through my day, fills my stomach even though sometimes during my Rpm class (during track 3 and above) i can taste indomie in my

Indomie..i’ll never forget u de.. 🙂 but one day i’ll have to let u go..but at the mean don’t go okie?..hihih..hmm..

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