Egg-net with stir fried chicken

July 6, 2009

Hi all food lovers, yes i’m back (for a week take leave ma..otherwise..hmm..duno la..when i can start cooking again..sigh..). Gosh, when was the last time i even log-in to this blog of mine..haha..well..yeah..started again la..hopefully will cook some nice and yet simple dish la. So yes, eggs again. A simple and yet satisfying ingredients that i can think of at the moment. Of course with some meat lo (i used chicken drumstick..tell u more later about DSC06310

As you can see from the pic, there’s only 4 main ingredients. Eggs, chicken drumstick, cucumber and bell pepper. I called it egg-net is because it sort of wrap the entire side ingredients into one. Which is kinda hard to make at first, i tried a few times just to get it right.

Then, the drumstick. Well, i marinade with some finely chopped ginger, garlic, honey and soy sauce to taste. Oh yeah, i did promised to tell about the drumstick story rite?..haha..all i can say is that, i actually have a daily supply of drumstick in the fridge (mom bought and deboned it so that i can cook it anytime) yeah..don’t be surprised that my next menu here has got something to do with drumstick

The last two ingredients are, cucumber and bell peppers. Here, i roasted the bell pepper then finely chopped them. Same goes with the cucumber (no i didn’t roast the cucumber la…just finely chopped only). Lastly, i top with black sesame seed to give that contrast to the dish. There you go, one of my first dish that i come out since..since..the last that i publish anything here la..enjoy.



Chicken Pesto Pasta

December 11, 2008

dsc04841     dsc04843Pesto, i’m into pesto for now.hehe..still got a bit left after this dish. 1 simple ingredient. Just pesto. For some that doesn’t know what its made of, well, here it goes. The basic pesto sauce normally consist of basil, pine nuts and olive oil. Yes, you can make this your own. Simply blend all that ingredients in a blender. dsc04846For a change, you can substitute with other herbs such as rocket/arugula or even coriander. How you do it? Put the herbs and the pine nuts (to bring out the aroma of the pine nuts, simply toast it in an oven till it turn golden brown) in the blender and with the lit open, slowly pour in the olive to emulsify. Stop until you get a sauce consistency. 🙂 Pesto goes well with meat. And for that,as you already know by now that i’ve been eating chicken for everytime my mom went to market, she normally buy like more than a yeah.

dsc04838 dsc04840

I marinate the de-boned chicken thigh with pesto and some seasoning for overnight and boy that chicken taste delicious i tell you. And i also noticed one thing, that the chicken cooks faster too. Do you know why? Hmm..well its because after overnight marinating with the pesto, the marinate slowly penetrate into the chicken fibers therefore opening up the fibers more allowing heat to cook thoroughly. Take for example, satay (malay style of chicken skewers). Obviously they marinate the chicken overnight right? otherwise it won’t taste fantastic isn’t it? And how long does it takes to cook that satay? not long right? You see my theory? hehe..:) Anyway its just my theory and i think it make sense. 🙂 hah!


So, to cook this, i simply pan fry it. You can use a grill-pan to get the grill marked on it, but i malas. i didn’t.. But anyway, its good enough and since i’m hungry at that time, so yeah. Quick and simple. For the choice of pasta, i chose spaghetti. Why? cause almost habis already..hehe so yeah finish it lo..hehe.. There you go, simple and yet, delicious. 🙂


Chicken & Potatoes – 3 ways

December 10, 2008

dsc04809Chicken and potatoes, the most common pairing when it comes to any types of cuisine. As for this one, hah! you must be thinking, aiyo, so banyak kerja, 3 different types of chicken and potatoes somemore. 🙂 I did all these in less than 2 hours or so only hehe. The reason why i did this quick cause of 2 reason. 1 is that i want to catch the natural lighting to capture the best picture and 2nd is that i want to get this idea out of my head ASAP. Got this idea from one of my favorite chef, Guy Rubino, the italian chef with his well known fine dining restaurant in canada called Rain. If you google him or visit his website, you’ll find most of his presentation also like this one. All kecil portion that you makan a 100 times also tak kenyang one..hehe..that’s what i called Fine dining la..hehe..cause its fine ma..hehe..rite? 🙂

dsc04810dsc048271Right, the first one. Poached chicken strips with a herbal broth. The herbal broth, yes, thanks to my mom. She loves making soups. But sometimes, cant finish on time to cook for another one..hehe. So yeah, i poached the chicken strips that i marinated only for about 30mins with oyster sauce. Remember i said i want to make it quick?hehe so yeah. The chicken will absorb all the herbs from the broth. After about 15mins, depending on the thickness of the strips. Then let it rest, coat it with toasted almond flakes and serve with pesto sauce. 

dsc04812dsc04829Second, well. Its the same, just that i didn’t coat it with almond flakes but i drizzle with balsamic reduction. Yes, just basic balsamic vinegar that is reduced into half by heating under a middle high heat. Until it become a syrupy kind of consistency. And this, i serve with deep fried “shoe-string” like potatoes.

dsc04811dsc04822Last, caramelize chicken. Yup, i did this before, cooking the chicken strips with sugar under high heat. Till the sugar turns caramel and its high heat cook through the chicken. 🙂 For this, i pair with pesto mashed potato and serve with mango sauce that i reduce it. Same way i did with the balsamic vinegar. 🙂 I must say, i kinda like the presentation. hehe 🙂 Enjoy looking 🙂


Rolled Seared Beef with Enoki Mushroom

December 1, 2008

dsc04717Moooo….yes..its lembu time..hehe..super cow that is.  For this recipe, i use the strips of loin which is suitable for grilling and searing to wrap with enoki mushroom. No i didn’t create this recipe and yes i copy punya ba.hehe..cause i find it very interesting when i saw the pic from the website with that thingy (enoki mushroom) sticking out..hehe..Anyway, i love beef very muchie, though some chinese religion doesn’t eat beef…hmm..i wonder why..wasted kan..hehe..

dsc04723To prepare, very simple (No, seriously..very joke :))..For the enoki, you just have to cut the ends and rinse it. Then i sauté the enoki with some finely chopped garlic with butter and of course peanut oil to stop the butter from burning kan..hehe :). Season with some oyster sauce, just a little, not too much and a touch of Mirin (yes, japanese rice wine but with a lower alcohol content) .For about 3mins or until its tender. Remove the enoki from the pan and let it cool before wrapping with the beef strips. 

As for the beef strips, i pound it with a pestle to make a thinner slice. Then, take a few enoki mushrooms and roll it. Now, the best part, remember earlier that i cook the enoki? With the same pan, i seared the beef together with the sauce from the enoki. The beef is seared and cook with the sauce. Seasoning here is definitely not required at all. The natural beef flavor and the combination of the sauce from the enoki is absolutely delicious i tell you. Can be eaten as an appetizer or meal itself. Simply delicious. Enjoy 🙂

dsc04729 dsc04731 dsc04732 dsc04733 Sim

Almond Crusted Roast Chicken with orange sauce reduction

November 29, 2008

dsc04705dsc04699Right..I know..i’ve been missing in action for a while..hehe..sorry ba..busy’s another creation of mine. Nothing much, nothing that i’ve not done before. Some left over de-boned chicken thigh that i marinated almost 1 day back ..hehe ..didnt cook at that time cz came back late ba..hehe. Saw this recipe that is totally different from this, but was blown away by the color of the sauce, which is the orange sauce. You know me la, when i like the color and presentation, i sure wanna try to create the same ba..which i did. The recipe uses scallop time la..i belum cuba before ba..itu scallop.mahal kan?hmm.Orange Well, i reduce it. I heat the juice on a medium high heat( with some sugar to help the caramalization) until the liquid thickens and reduces into half. 🙂

dsc04700As for the chicken, well, its easy since it already de-boned sudah kan, so i roast it for about 20mins on 200ºC. The marinade? For this dish, its just 3. Oyster sauce, sesame oil and crushed black pepper. I didn’t use garlic or ginger like i normally do. Why? cz i malas la..kidding..i want to keep it simple since i’m using toasted almond flakes also kan and also with the orange sauce..hmm..

dsc04706dsc04707The taste. Hmm..toasted almond with get the crunchiness and the aroma from the almonds goes really well with the chicken. Now you know why some salads (i.e chicken salad) uses crushed almonds ba kan?..Good combination of two different texture and flavor. You can also substitute with other types of nuts like pistachios, walnut or even peanuts. And as for the orange sauce..well, what can i say, sweet acidic cuts the richness of the chicken. Enjoy! 🙂



Trio Marble Egg

November 16, 2008

dsc04595dsc04610Eggs, one of the cheapest ingredients and my favorite too. This time, i decided to use chicken eggs only, but comes in different form. No not the different shape..hehe..different taste and texture (ha? i thought all chicken eggs taste the different one meh? indian chicken egg taste like cumin is it?heheh..kidding) .Lol, i’m talking about salted and century chicken eggs my friend. Century egg also known as preserved egghundred-year eggthousand-year egg, and thousand-year-old egg, is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duckchicken or quail eggs in mixture of clay, ash, saltlime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.

dsc04591After the process is completed, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream-like substance with a strong odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly with little flavour or taste. The transforming agent in century egg is its alkaline material, which gradually raises the pH of egg from around 9 to 12 or more. Banyak kerja kan?lucky i don’t have to go through all that, just beli saja..heh :p. This goes the same with the salted egg also la, just that different mixture to preserved the egg lo. wink wink 🙂



Well, to start, i boiled all the eggs except the century egg which is already cooked through the preservation kan? The salted egg takes longer time to cook, i don’t know why. Trust me, if you were to try boiling/steaming it the same time as a normal chicken egg, chances are, you’ll get a runny yolk. You try la..heh :p. Anyway, very simple (like i always say.. 🙂 ) once your done with the eggs, cut them in cubes and put them in an aluminium tray (dalam bentuk rectangular..heh).


dsc04638I used egg white as the binding agent to hold them together. Fill it up all the way, this would take about 4 egg whites. And top with the remaining egg yolks. Steam for about 15-20mins then let it rest before removing it from the mould. Eat this with porridge or rice or just eat it on its own. 🙂 


Caramelize Chicken skewers

November 11, 2008

Remember i once said “cooking without a recipe”? hehe..well this is one of them. This is the combination of two of my favorite ingredients, chicken and onion. That’s all. Simple kan?hehe..What is so different in this dish is that i never use oil to cook. Instead, i use sugar. Yup, your rite..just sugar to cook this chicken. When sugar dsc04574reaches certain temperature (i.e the caramel stage) its very hot. And from the heat of the caramel, it cooks the chicken without the use of oil lo. 🙂 This method of cooking i learned many years ago, when my mum first bought this special type of cooking wok. That has a mini thermometer thingy on the cover/knob of the wok. And you can even cook pizza on that huh..hehe..i forgot how already..hmm


To start, i marinade the chicken. For this, i used a drumstick. You can use any part that you like, but the thigh part is the best for grilling or when you deal with dry heat. wink wink 🙂 So this time, i deboned it before i marinade it so that the marinade gets into the fiber for fast absorption. heh 🙂 . Then the onion, simple la, just cut into cubes and use about one or two keping for each skewers. Tips again, soaked the skewers in water so that when you grill it, it won’t burn or splintering. Heh! 🙂 Another thing you learn today kan?hehe..:)


dsc04585Now since i used sugar to cook this chicken, heat is the issue here. If the heat is too high, you’ll end up with a burn and bitter taste chicken. Therefore, be patience. 🙂 Once the sugar start to caramelize, that is when you put the chicken in. At this point, don’t kacau the chicken. Let it be for a few mins before you mess with it, otherwise you’ll end up with some chicken stick to the pan. heh :)There you go, another tip. wink wink 🙂 After about 4mins, flip it and then cover it. Let it kinda steam the chicken. From here, you’ll get the juices from the chicken and it mixes with the caramel, equals sweet sauce. 🙂 There you go, simple 2 ingredients to make this succulent and juicy caramel chicken skewers. Enjoy! 🙂 














Potato basket with stir-fry chicken

November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me…hmm..Instead of baking a cake for myself, i made this dish.hahha.. This is a simpldsc04545e combination of the food that i like to eat. The stir fried chicken with onions, bell pepper and some tomatoes. As for the potato..hah! confirm is my fav la tu..hehe..if you read the previous post, that i did something with potatoes? yeah..its the same..but this time i used a muffin mould to make this little basket. Not really that hard to prepare la (yeah rite..thats what i always said kan..hehe).

Well to start, i finely grate the potato and always make sure to squeeze out the excess water out of it before placing in the muffin mould. Preheat the oven at 200ºC and bake it until its golden brown lo. How long? About 15-20mins lo. heh. 🙂 Then once its done, let it rest before removing from the mould lo. Simple kan?..

dsc04544The stir fry. Lagi simple. Just sauté the garlic with the chicken that i’ve cut in cubes (yes, i know i should have cut it smaller kan?hehe..i was hungry have to do it fast lo..hehe) follow by the peppers, onions and some tomatoes (i left one only, so might as well put it in la..hehe ) Cook for a few mins then season with oyster sauce and some liquid for the sauce (nope,this time didn’t add soup/broth sebab mum didn’t cook any soup these few days..sigh..haha).dsc04549

dsc04564Once that is done, then put it all together lo. Gau dim.. 🙂 oh yeah, the kidney bean in tomato sauce. That one i didn’t cook it la..its from then can you also know that i like kidney bean i guess this makes a perfect marriage. Potato basket with stir fried chicken serves with kidney bean in tomato sauce. Enjoy! Eh got wish me happy birthday or not ?hehhe..if you did..many thanks..if u didn’t..hmm…nvm la.. sigh.. :p.

dsc04558  dsc04555


Grilled Eggplant roll with minced chicken

November 8, 2008

dsc04503Eggplant or aubergine or brinjal matter how you like to called me its the same..haha..its one of my fav ingredients to use. I saw this recipe from a magazine that my sis got it for free, and its in chinese (and yes, i don’t read chinese though i’m one..hehe..sorry ba..i was from a malay school ba..hehe ). Anyway, the original recipe was to use cream cheese and some herbs. As you already know by now that i always try to mimic the preparation but make my own presentation. Clever kan?hehe.. 🙂 And in this case, i substitute the cream cheese with minced chicken. I tell you, punya panjang itu process. I think kan, by the time you finish reading this, i don’t think  you’ll even want to try making this dish.. heh 😛dsc04502

dsc04501dsc04505So here it goes, ready? start, i marinade the chicken with my favourite marinade, which consist of ginger, garlic, oyster sauce, sesame oil and some olive oil. In addition to that, i spread some butter underneath the skin of the drumstick and i use some dry herbs too, thyme. A lot kan? wait la, belum lagi i sapu some honey after 10mins of roasting..hehe..this is to give the golden crust on the skin of the chicken (though it doesn’t really matter since i’m going to minced it anyway kan..but it does add some sweetness to the chicken).


dsc04511Right, after roasting the chicken for about 25mins at 200ºc and let it rest for about 10mins or so, then i start de-boning the drumstick (yes, i do know how to debone a chicken, well for this case, its just a drumstick ba 🙂 not that hard anyway) I used pestle and mortar to minced the chicken meat instead of a blender to create that rustic look when i spread it on the grilled eggplant (ha!, i still haven’t explain how i prepare the eggplant..aiyo, banyak kerja kan?hehe..wait la.). Anyway, nothing were added to the minced chicken except the fats and flavors from the chicken when i roast it. Fantastic sauce i tell u, rich in flavors. :p

dsc04528Well, the eggplant. Actually, its kinda simple. Cut it length ways. Not to thin though cause when you cook it kan, it’ll shrink ba. So, with one eggplant, you can only get a good 3-4 slices only ba. Before you start grilling in, sapu some olive oil on it and season it with some salt and pepper lo. To get the grill marks kan, i used my ikea grill pan, lama sudah didnt use. Lucky still usable.hehe.. 🙂 After grilling it, again, let it rest before spreading the minced chicken on it. The rolling part, i must say its the easiest ba, you’ll enjoy it so much that you wish you got lots to roll. LOL!. Anyway, to add some color to this dish, i serve with some chopped tomatoes yang ah muah bagi me, erm..few days back..ehhe.. still edible 🙂 Enjoy!


Mini Chocolate Melts with pineapple and mint flavoured sugar

November 3, 2008

Chocolate again! Yes, still got a bit more from Annie Teng kan..hehe cause she bought 2 packets for me, so decided to do my all time fav, the chocolate melts. Actually, its from my si fu, its called chocolate pots ba. Simple, just whipping cream, chocolate egg yolks and if you have some brandy (keke..) tambah saja la, but dont forget yeah..jangan bagi ur kids..hehe..nanti berahi sudah..hahha… :P. then im not responsible okie?hehe..anyway, just a little info on the chocolate pot/melts, heat the cream until almost boil on the saucepan, then turn off the gas. Add the chocolate on the cream and keep stirring until the chocolate combine with the cream. Then add the yolk for extra creaminess and of course the alcohol thingy la, kalau ada, kalau nak. 🙂

Normally, its served in a shot glass and chilled until ready to be serve. But this time, i served in a cupcake-like shape. Now, this is another challenge. Agai

n the peeling part, always the difficult part. Why? Well, when you spread it on the cupcake mould paper kan, you have to make sure that you spread it evenly and generously. To little, you’ll find yourself having trouble peeling it o

ff, trust me. I did 5, and only manage to peel off 1 without breaking the edges. yeah..always a challenge in everything kan..again, you try la, let me know your frustrations..keke 🙂

But again, the chilling part is super fast. As you know, its just chocolate kan. So as soon as you put in the fridge kan, less than 10mins, keras sudah..hehe (yes,, once its harden up sudah kan, just pour the chocolate mix into it, and let it chill again before you serve lo. Simple kan?hehe..

I use pineapple with this chocolate cause of the acidity of the pineapple ba. And as for the green stuff, its actually mint flavored sugar. That explains the greenish color kan?haha..well i used green coloring ba..:) To make the flavored sugar, simply mix the mint and sugar in a mortar and pestle. Then, let it dry and you get the flavored sugar. You can do with any herbs. Fun kan?hehe..i know, i like to play with food. 🙂

Anyway, as for this recipe, i saw from a magazine on sunday, plus the idea that i got from tv on the chocolate cupcake mould plus again the pineapple with mint that i got it from my si fu, equals this small but filling dessert. Enjoy! 🙂