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Salami – 3 ways

July 7, 2009


DSC06335 DSC06336

Salamis, i recently ate some from my ah muah, she made me her signature sandwich – Salami with cheddar cheese and some greens with some mayonnaise.. yummy. From there, i come out with above, Salami – 3 ways. Well, actually it can be more then 3 ways la, just that i like the 3 above la..hehehe..simple and yet stick to the point – pairing with salami with cheese and caramalized onions as well as roasted bell peppers.

Well, i won’t write much about this as its straight forward. Just buy the salami (in this case i bought both smoke beef and smoked chicken) and assemble it like above. Not much about the caramelized onions, as some of you might already know how to slowly cooked the onions till they’re caramelized (and i don’t mean by adding sugar to it).

You know what?, come to think of it, after all the “cooking”, i actually prefer the prep work to take pics. Though, cooking was my first passion la. I always find it challenging to get the right lighting, right angle and the right color combinations.

So without saying more, i leave you with the rest of the pics that i took. Enjoy.

DSC06329 DSC06338