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Sambal Petai with Sexy-Prawns

May 28, 2010

What is the first thing that come into your mind when you heard people said “Petai”? Ewww..smelly..eww..don’t talk to me.. haha. guess what i’ll say..sambal petai with prawn? i WANT!! i LIKE! wonder why people just don’t like it lo..Well if you ask me the same thing about Durian i’ll answer the way you answer about petai lo.. Eww..stay away…kekek..

Sambal Petai with Sexy prawns.. hah! sexy? Why sexy ah? hehe..well actually i got this name from this restaurant near my house – King Crab. At that time i was smiling to myself and thinking, ok la, my next menu i’ll use this name la..kekeke..and so i did. ๐Ÿ™‚

When to market this morning (@TTDI, where i normally buy the ingredients around 10am – ย yes, kinda late cause the night before was thinking how to plate this dish ma..) And as soon as i got back from the market, mom asked me, what i bought and i said petai. Like everyone else that dislikes Petai would say, huh? how come ah? i said no la..wanted to try something new. Actually its not new to me la, its just new in my cooking library ma..hehe

My love for petai grew even more since the last 2 club launch @ Fitness First Uptown (club launch happens every month to celebrate the previous month’s success). So yeah, thanks to my Fitness Manager that orders from this private catering place – don’t know where :). Anyway, i also kinda requested for it since the 1st time i had it ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.

Cooking the sambal with petai is not difficult at all. Its just saute-ing the garlic, with some onions then add the curry paste and finally add the petai lo. To me, as always is how am i going to showcase/plate the dish so that every single ingredients is visible and clear. And this is also one of the reason i was contemplating to cook or not to cook.

This time, the dish is assemble in a way that the prawns are behind the sambal petai and if you see closely, at the back there’s some greens. It’s snow peas. The prawns are prepared in two ways. One is steamed and the other is deep fried with salted egg. I actually use the juice from the steamed prawns and add into the sambal petai. And the purpose for me not to mix the steam/deep fried prawns with the sambal petai is so that i can showcase the main ingredient – the sexy prawns ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy.


Deep fried calamari rings with stuffed japanese tofu and minced chicken

July 8, 2009


Yes..Chicken again ..but this time its not the main ingredients la…its the squid lo..or shall i say fried calamari rings with stuff japanese tofu with minced chicken meat. So the long kan the name..hehe.. Well, i remember eat this dish but was done in a different way (my mom’s way..) What she did was, she stuffed the squid itself with the minced meat (she use pork meat last time – ย yes muah..porky pork..hehe) and then she sort of braised it for a short period of time for it to soften the squid and at the same time to cook the stuffed meat. With that cooking method, it releases the juice from the meat that really goes well with rice.

So, what i did was, about the same concept but i did it in different stages.

DSC06350Stage 1: I cooked the minced chicken (yes, i didn’t use porky pork.. ๐Ÿ™‚ halal ma ho muah..hehe ).. Simple, just finely chopped some garlic and shallots, lightly saute them then add minced chicken meat. Seasoned with some oyster sauce (Lee Kum Kee – My family’s all time fav oyster sauce brand..sejak turun kemurun ..LOL) .

DSC06353Stage 2: Cut the cleaned squid (yes, my ah muah-ma cleaned it for me already) into about close to an inch thick. And here comes the fun part, deep frying it. Before that, i coated the squid with flour ( i used tepung gandum, why? cause its cheap ba..LOL) and just before i put into the oil to fry..i dip the coated squid into another batter that i mix with tepung gandum with cold water. Ha..u must be thinking, why cold batter?.. Now when cold batter hits the hot oil, you know what happens rite?..besides the oil percik to you, it’ll also make the squid crunchy even though after its cold. Cool huh..try it, but make sure you’re ready for the percik actions la..haha..

Last stage: Assemble the dish with the remaining ingredient – Japanese tofu. If you look at this dish, can you think of a typical chinese dish? That sounds like “Mapor-tofu”?. Its a dish itself that has only 2 main ingredients – Tofu (normal white squarish type) and minced meat (and yes, its usual cooks with porky pork) and to finish off with some chopped scallions. So, what i did was, for the japanese tofu but i didn’t cook with the minced tofu. Instead, i steamed it separately. Then cut it, and gently stuffed into the fried squid. And to serve this, instead of scallions, i use finely chopped cucumber. Something different in a way but same in still stick to main ingredients…. Squid with minced meat like mom’s way of cooking. Enjoy.