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Rolled Seared Beef with Enoki Mushroom

December 1, 2008

dsc04717Moooo….yes..its lembu time..hehe..super cow that is.  For this recipe, i use the strips of loin which is suitable for grilling and searing to wrap with enoki mushroom. No i didn’t create this recipe and yes i copy punya ba.hehe..cause i find it very interesting when i saw the pic from the website with that thingy (enoki mushroom) sticking out..hehe..Anyway, i love beef very muchie, though some chinese religion doesn’t eat beef…hmm..i wonder why..wasted kan..hehe..

dsc04723To prepare, very simple (No, seriously..very joke :))..For the enoki, you just have to cut the ends and rinse it. Then i sauté the enoki with some finely chopped garlic with butter and of course peanut oil to stop the butter from burning kan..hehe :). Season with some oyster sauce, just a little, not too much and a touch of Mirin (yes, japanese rice wine but with a lower alcohol content) .For about 3mins or until its tender. Remove the enoki from the pan and let it cool before wrapping with the beef strips. 

As for the beef strips, i pound it with a pestle to make a thinner slice. Then, take a few enoki mushrooms and roll it. Now, the best part, remember earlier that i cook the enoki? With the same pan, i seared the beef together with the sauce from the enoki. The beef is seared and cook with the sauce. Seasoning here is definitely not required at all. The natural beef flavor and the combination of the sauce from the enoki is absolutely delicious i tell you. Can be eaten as an appetizer or meal itself. Simply delicious. Enjoy 🙂

dsc04729 dsc04731 dsc04732 dsc04733 Sim


My Fantastic 4 open sandwich

October 6, 2008

Monday, not everybody likes monday, u know after the two short weekends and now its time to work again? is too short to complain ba yeah..i’ve decided to like mondays..and so i did, to celebrate that i come out with a fantastic,easy and no fuss sandwich from the ingredients that i can cari from my peti sejuk just now.kekeke..instead of my regular indomie, so i’ve decided to do this fantastic ‘4’ open sandwich. Yes, its open, not close meaning i don’t fold the sandwich :)~ yeah drooling sudah..

So, to start, i saute the garlic with the mushroom (yes, this time its the button mushroom that i wanted, the white ones and yes.its more expensive than the canned ones..:) )until the mushroom start to sweat (no not like when u do rpm then remove from pan and follow by the cubed luncheon meat (you u can use bacon or any sort of meat that u cut into cubes). As for the uncooked ingredients, tomato -just cut into cubes as well. With one slice of bread (i used Gardenia wholemeal bread, u can use any other type also can)i first put the luncheon meat follow by the saute mushroom on the bread. Then only i put the cheese on top and lastly the cubed tomatoes.

With the preheated oven at 180 degrees, baked it until the cheese started to melt (how can u tell?hehe..u see la..hehe apa :P)Anyway..its about 10mins (there u go, the timing.. :)) then u carefully take it out cause its hot then place it on the plate, sprinkle with some chopped parsley on top. Now, not forgetting the boiled egg. As you can see, the yolk ooze out as i cut it into half (and not that i don’t know how to make a perfect boiled egg,i did it on purpose – if you know the timing keke..)Well..what i did was, i first put the egg on the cold water and boiled it with some salt (so that the water boils faster) and as soon it started to boiled, i lower down the heat and set the timer for 3mins only.

Any longer than that, the yolk will be cook thoroughly (which is not what i wanted). The hard part about this process will be peeling the egg (as some of you already know, putting the egg on a cold water will ease the peeling process, but don’t forget, at this stage the egg is not as solid as a regular boiled egg, so its still semi soft and you wont want to break the yolk at this stage – leceh kan?yeah.but.the end result is worth it :). There you go, fantastic 4 for a fantastic monday. Have a nice monday everyone. 🙂

Garlic (haaaarrrr,can u smell it)

October 3, 2008

Garlic or bawang putih (in malay) or chung-tao (in chinese) or the scientific name Allium sativum L (cheh wa, scientific name :)) is my fav ingredient to use whether i’m using in for my chinese or western dish. The chinese (like me..heh :)) like to use it at the beginning of the cooking and saute it quickly before adding other ingredients. Just like the famous loh-bak kou (radish cake), if u remember the way they cook in at some pasar malam here (i think there’s one in SS3, near my old house area). They first saute the garlic then follow by the radish cake and follow by egg and bean sprout, yum yum (though i’m not a fan of this food, but the garlic smell is fantastic).

Yes as u can tell, i love garlic. I do, i mean who doesn’t? oh i know who doesn’t.keke.not gonna mention names again la..i already did the last time lol. :D.. So as usual did some research about this little fella that belongs to the onion family and i guess u also know his (yes, to me its a him..can’t be her round and pungent, rite or true? ) relative haha! they’re onions, leeks, shallots (bawang merah in malay) and chives. 

Rite, let’s move on the way u can use this garlic (the way i would use this fella). Very simple, for me, i normally chopped it and saute it. Some use it as seasoning or condiments for pan-mee (direct translation is wooden noodle 😀 ) well that’s actually the chinese version of pasta minus the eggs. Will do that one day la, very easy only..all you u need is love..i mean flour :D..singing pulak , must be from watching Mamma Mia! la tu..ish..:P.

Side effects?well besides the smell of your breath after consuming it (whether its cooked or worst, eating it raw) the person’s mucusvaginal dischargedandruff, and even earwax will also smell like garlic. Washing the body with soap will not take away the scent, although perfumes will mask the scent. The smell usually fades over the course of several days (few days?..yeah ba…so tahan sikit la tu..hihih ). Yes, my dear female friends, vaginal discharge oh..jangan main main..susah nanti kalau mau..(ahem..chong 😀 )Anyway, all this will happen, if you makan like almost all the time la, so no worries ba.wink wink 🙂

Garlic is claimed to help prevent heart disease including atherosclerosis, high cholesterolhigh blood pressure, and cancer. You want to know the best part? It’s cheap and you can get it almost everywhere (at market la i meant). So quickly get yourself a bulb and start cooking :D.

Potato pancake with saute garlic mushroom

October 1, 2008

Potato pancake?haha..actually ar..i also dont know what to name this dish ba ( sabahan slang still stuck with me..hmm..) well its flat kan..and pancakes are flat too might as well la..hehe..but my gf ( ah muah..hehe) said it looks like Hash Brown just now when v were having coffee come i never thought of that .n naming it Hash Potato with saute garlic mushroom instead kan..hmm..i think i should..thank ah muah..hehe..

This me think..not too sure where i got it from..guess must be from one of those cook book that i browse at Mph or Borders..hehe..long time sudah..anyway its simple as u can see..its just a few ingredients. Mushroom, garlic, corn starch and of course the star of the recipe Mr Potato..hihi..anytype also can ..

Right..since its called Hash or pancake, and as u can see from the pic..its finely grated (well, if u have all the time in the world ..yes..b my guess and finely jullien it..)i used a special grater that can grate different thickness of the potato..(haha..i bought it at pasar malam a few years back at taman megah..hihihi..n yes..still can use ba..phew!) Next, here’s the secret to make the potato crisp even after pan-frying to use corn-starch..n by adding this will absorb the excess water from the huh? 😀 

Saute the mushroom with garlic..which is one of my fav..i mean garlic..who doesn’t like garlic..(haha,i know Danny doesn’t like he’s a walking vampire – doesn’t like the sun and garlic apa la)..You can use button mushroom or anytype, but i choose this particular cheap ba..n taste wise, not that bad la..edible la.heh :).What i would add on top of that, would be finely chopped cilantro to add a little green into this dish..but, Ah wong that day didn’t have ba, cz raya almost here kan so..everything also almost habis sudah..sigh..but will do that the next time definately. 😛 

So, since its only 2 ingredients, what else can u do? hmm…nothing actually but to play with the presentation. You can either serve it as a meal or simple cut into small bites and serve it as a party snacks lo (or the french called it hors d’oeuvres, correct ka I’ll definately add this to my catering list..kekke..yeah i used to do freelance catering..specialize in party bite size food..nothing to boast abt la..just a small business.. but stop a while ago (i think more than a year)..hmm..i guess its time for me to come the freelancing business..well at least not now la..haf to redo all my cooking n timing n haiya..everything la..hehe 😛 anyway..will do it here..i hope anyone that read this..(yes u..and u ..and u.. 🙂 ) will like the type of cooking or menu that i do for catering. 

Ciao for now…next menu.. Prawn lollipop with trio mayonnaise dip 🙂

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