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Sambal Petai with Sexy-Prawns

May 28, 2010

What is the first thing that come into your mind when you heard people said “Petai”? Ewww..smelly..eww..don’t talk to me.. haha. guess what i’ll say..sambal petai with prawn? i WANT!! i LIKE! wonder why people just don’t like it lo..Well if you ask me the same thing about Durian i’ll answer the way you answer about petai lo.. Eww..stay away…kekek..

Sambal Petai with Sexy prawns.. hah! sexy? Why sexy ah? hehe..well actually i got this name from this restaurant near my house – King Crab. At that time i was smiling to myself and thinking, ok la, my next menu i’ll use this name la..kekeke..and so i did. 🙂

When to market this morning (@TTDI, where i normally buy the ingredients around 10am –  yes, kinda late cause the night before was thinking how to plate this dish ma..) And as soon as i got back from the market, mom asked me, what i bought and i said petai. Like everyone else that dislikes Petai would say, huh? how come ah? i said no la..wanted to try something new. Actually its not new to me la, its just new in my cooking library ma..hehe

My love for petai grew even more since the last 2 club launch @ Fitness First Uptown (club launch happens every month to celebrate the previous month’s success). So yeah, thanks to my Fitness Manager that orders from this private catering place – don’t know where :). Anyway, i also kinda requested for it since the 1st time i had it 🙂 lol.

Cooking the sambal with petai is not difficult at all. Its just saute-ing the garlic, with some onions then add the curry paste and finally add the petai lo. To me, as always is how am i going to showcase/plate the dish so that every single ingredients is visible and clear. And this is also one of the reason i was contemplating to cook or not to cook.

This time, the dish is assemble in a way that the prawns are behind the sambal petai and if you see closely, at the back there’s some greens. It’s snow peas. The prawns are prepared in two ways. One is steamed and the other is deep fried with salted egg. I actually use the juice from the steamed prawns and add into the sambal petai. And the purpose for me not to mix the steam/deep fried prawns with the sambal petai is so that i can showcase the main ingredient – the sexy prawns 🙂 Enjoy.


Weekend project: A cooking come back? : Fish 2-ways with roasted tomato sauce

April 25, 2010

Well..well well..its been a while huh..guess what?. I’m back..well..kinda. 🙂 This time, decided to cook something simple, just fish (with roasted tomatoes, garlic, thyme serve with asparagus). Went to Tmn Tun market this morning was searching for a “red-color” fish. Why red? hmmm..just like the color of the fish before it’s cook. But after masak the color will change la..hmm.. Anyway, had this presentation idea of this dish long time ago but didn’t manage to get my hands on starting it. Today, the first sunday that i’m not working, FINALLY!..i get to start something…

Deboning the fish just like the above, was a challenge. Cause, 1) long time never cut anything with a knife for so loonngggg…LOL and 2) this fish has lots of bones too..but lesser than Tilapia though..(btw, do i don’t quite know the name of this fish in malay but in chinese it’s called “Hung-Jou” fish)

So, my idea of the presentation was to roll the fillet, the part that’s with the tail still intact serve with a sauce. Sauce is just simply roast tomatoes with garlic, thyme and season with salt and pepper. Easy rite? I got this idea (the tail standing) from this magazine while i was outside the board-room during my toilet And the trick is this, i used a bamboo skewer to hold the tail part as i rolled the fillet. How i cook it? Instead of deep frying it, i shallow pan fried it. Remember that the skewers still in tact on the fillet? I used the skewer to turn the fillet (2mins on each side). Clever huh?

The remaining fillet, i was thinking to do the same as well, but then again, i just steamed it with its head. All i use to marinate was just some ginger juice, some salt and sesame oil. Simple, basic seasoning and marinade. Well, that’s all i can say now, simple. I guess this is how it’s going to be from now on, simple and yet presentable. Picture paints a thousand words. Till i cook again, eat well.

Steamed fillet Tilapia with asparagus

July 9, 2009

DSC06364Fish..yes..this is my first time ever (swear to god) that i ever cooked a fish. And to even buy the fish myself really makes me feels like ..wa.big boy already.heheh.. Anyway, i choose this fish because of a few reasons. One of the reason is because i know how it taste like, i mean obviously all fish taste the same, but this one, just brings back some good old memories – Fishing. Yup, i used to go fishing with my dad when i was young. And this happen to be one of those famous fish to yeah.

Tilapia – One of the famous way to cook this would be deep fried it and serve with soy sauce. Well, as you already know by now that i’ve always try to change the cooking method, so i steamed it.

DSC06366I guess the toughest part of this dish is to fillet the fish. At first i wanted to ask the fish monger to do it for me, but then again if i never try, i’ll never learn kan?.. And i also bet that the fish monger sure give me that look (apa la..fillet pun tak tau ka.masak apa?!!..LOL). Anyway i tried, and it turn out ok la. The only advise that i’ll give to you is – USE A VERY SHARP debone the fish, that’s all i can say.

Right, the next step would be to steam the fish. Simple, i use a wok to do the work (hmm..rhymes also . But before that, to get rid of the fishy smell, what i did was just pound the ginger and to rub on the fish and let it marinade with its juice, for about 20-30mins.

DSC06367It’ll only takes 4-6 mins to steam the fish, and to save time also, i steam the asparagus at the same time. Ha! Kill two birds with one stone. One thing about cooking fish is always and never over cook it. And especially its a fillet, i shouldn’t take long to cook lo. 🙂

Once its done, just drizzle some (not much) of sesame oil as well as the juice that was in the plate during the steaming session. Serve with finely chopped ginger and cherry tomatoes. This is simple, fresh and yet satisfying meal. Enjoy.


Trio Marble Egg

November 16, 2008

dsc04595dsc04610Eggs, one of the cheapest ingredients and my favorite too. This time, i decided to use chicken eggs only, but comes in different form. No not the different shape..hehe..different taste and texture (ha? i thought all chicken eggs taste the different one meh? indian chicken egg taste like cumin is it?heheh..kidding) .Lol, i’m talking about salted and century chicken eggs my friend. Century egg also known as preserved egghundred-year eggthousand-year egg, and thousand-year-old egg, is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duckchicken or quail eggs in mixture of clay, ash, saltlime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.

dsc04591After the process is completed, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream-like substance with a strong odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly with little flavour or taste. The transforming agent in century egg is its alkaline material, which gradually raises the pH of egg from around 9 to 12 or more. Banyak kerja kan?lucky i don’t have to go through all that, just beli saja..heh :p. This goes the same with the salted egg also la, just that different mixture to preserved the egg lo. wink wink 🙂



Well, to start, i boiled all the eggs except the century egg which is already cooked through the preservation kan? The salted egg takes longer time to cook, i don’t know why. Trust me, if you were to try boiling/steaming it the same time as a normal chicken egg, chances are, you’ll get a runny yolk. You try la..heh :p. Anyway, very simple (like i always say.. 🙂 ) once your done with the eggs, cut them in cubes and put them in an aluminium tray (dalam bentuk rectangular..heh).


dsc04638I used egg white as the binding agent to hold them together. Fill it up all the way, this would take about 4 egg whites. And top with the remaining egg yolks. Steam for about 15-20mins then let it rest before removing it from the mould. Eat this with porridge or rice or just eat it on its own. 🙂