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New Year, New Dish ..hmmmm

January 8, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!…Wohooo!!!…WOW..when was the last time i cook, take pic and write ah? aiyo..KNS! (stands for Ka na Sai – means like shit..i think..ehehe)..Yaya..busy with work lo (managing new club, Head teacher for BodyPump, Lose it! Team Workout Champion for Malaysia…that’s all for now..i think..heeee). Anyway, that was last year, this year with a start of a brand new me..(or old age is catching up) i tell myself, i need to cook at least 2 weeks once..wakakaka..i mean for the purpose of blogging and taking pics la..Oh the way, i finally bought a new camera..WOHoo!!!..small and sophisticated one leh..just what i needed – hybrid DSLR the Sony Nex-5..yeeHAAa!!..

Ok ok..let’s talk about the dish la…new year new dish..hmm..well..the only dish that is new to me is the garlic butter prawn lo..the rest are the usual stuff lo just different presentation only..

So garlic butter prawn. I personally love this dish and i remember back in KK (where i used to work for 9 awesome months) i used to have this butter thingy as sauce but instead of prawn, its chicken (hey, u know what, i think i’ll do that 2mlo. Butter chicken..wakaka). Anyway, how i prepare it..haaa…very simple only. Just use butter and evaporated milk. But, you have to be fast when doing this and also make sure the heat is not too high as the milk will thicken very fast. The garlic is only added the last to prevent from “hangus” la. 🙂

What you can also add at the end is some chopped chilies (in this case i added green and red – for color purposes) Some of you may know that i don’t really fancy spicy food but chopped chilies like the above..boleh la..

As for the prawns, i deveined it and i shallow pan fried it instead of deep fried. Healthier ma..hehehe..(actually my i lazy to put so much oil ba cause after that waste la..use so much oil for just one dish then if recycle the oil, the taste of prawn is still there ba..)

Next is the Caramelized chicken with Asparagus. Simple and yet yummy. 🙂 For those who tried my caramelized chicken wrap with bacon..well this is the simpler version la (obviously without the bacon..wakakaka). Ok la, for those that don’t know, here’s how i prepare the chicken. I never use a single drop of oil to cook this chicken (except for sesame oil la to boost the flavor). I use “sugar” instead. Yes Sugar as is “gula” as in “thong” as in.. you know what i’m talking about. On a non-stick pan, i turn the heat up (when you put your hand on top, you will not hold more then 6 secs – yes that hot) then only you put the sugar  in. Making sure that is evenly spread on the pan (at this point, please don’t be a genius to use a spoon to make it even, you know its hot and what happen when you mess with it?? it’ll stick to your spoon lo..KNS!..) so yeah..leave it..till you see the sugar starts to Caramelize..then you put the chopped chicken in (i prefer the use of  whole of drumstick – taste sweeter, you can choose other parts but make sure to deboned it la..easier to eat ma..)

Then, the quickie part comes next – add oyster sauce (lee kum kee, if don’t have then GET ONE!), a dash of sesame oil (not too much otherwise it’ll over power the taste) then dark-soy sauce (for color – black obviously). Then you know what to do lo hor?..cook lo..don’t let it burn. At this stage, lower down the heat as the caramel from the sugar is really and i really mean HOT. it’ll take approx of 5-6 mins to cook. The asparagus, well you can either cook it with like i did (toss it in a pan with a drop of oil) or just steam it or boil it with water lo. I personally prefer tossing it cause of the crunchiness and smoky taste. Up to you la.

There you go, another simple dish brought to you by Ben Sim’s Little Kitchen. In case you’re wondering whether i do catering or not? The answer is YES!!.. hehehehe..

Anyway, i might do another one 2mlo, if you don’t see be blog or post any pic on fb then no la..wakakak..(i’ll try la..thinking about it now..hhehehe). Enjoy!

P/s: Incase your wondering how the asparagus “bengkok” like that..hehehhee…you…you.just bengkok it yourself lo..wakakka..


Chicken & Potatoes – 3 ways

December 10, 2008

dsc04809Chicken and potatoes, the most common pairing when it comes to any types of cuisine. As for this one, hah! you must be thinking, aiyo, so banyak kerja, 3 different types of chicken and potatoes somemore. 🙂 I did all these in less than 2 hours or so only hehe. The reason why i did this quick cause of 2 reason. 1 is that i want to catch the natural lighting to capture the best picture and 2nd is that i want to get this idea out of my head ASAP. Got this idea from one of my favorite chef, Guy Rubino, the italian chef with his well known fine dining restaurant in canada called Rain. If you google him or visit his website, you’ll find most of his presentation also like this one. All kecil portion that you makan a 100 times also tak kenyang one..hehe..that’s what i called Fine dining la..hehe..cause its fine ma..hehe..rite? 🙂

dsc04810dsc048271Right, the first one. Poached chicken strips with a herbal broth. The herbal broth, yes, thanks to my mom. She loves making soups. But sometimes, cant finish on time to cook for another one..hehe. So yeah, i poached the chicken strips that i marinated only for about 30mins with oyster sauce. Remember i said i want to make it quick?hehe so yeah. The chicken will absorb all the herbs from the broth. After about 15mins, depending on the thickness of the strips. Then let it rest, coat it with toasted almond flakes and serve with pesto sauce. 

dsc04812dsc04829Second, well. Its the same, just that i didn’t coat it with almond flakes but i drizzle with balsamic reduction. Yes, just basic balsamic vinegar that is reduced into half by heating under a middle high heat. Until it become a syrupy kind of consistency. And this, i serve with deep fried “shoe-string” like potatoes.

dsc04811dsc04822Last, caramelize chicken. Yup, i did this before, cooking the chicken strips with sugar under high heat. Till the sugar turns caramel and its high heat cook through the chicken. 🙂 For this, i pair with pesto mashed potato and serve with mango sauce that i reduce it. Same way i did with the balsamic vinegar. 🙂 I must say, i kinda like the presentation. hehe 🙂 Enjoy looking 🙂


Caramelize Chicken skewers

November 11, 2008

Remember i once said “cooking without a recipe”? hehe..well this is one of them. This is the combination of two of my favorite ingredients, chicken and onion. That’s all. Simple kan?hehe..What is so different in this dish is that i never use oil to cook. Instead, i use sugar. Yup, your rite..just sugar to cook this chicken. When sugar dsc04574reaches certain temperature (i.e the caramel stage) its very hot. And from the heat of the caramel, it cooks the chicken without the use of oil lo. 🙂 This method of cooking i learned many years ago, when my mum first bought this special type of cooking wok. That has a mini thermometer thingy on the cover/knob of the wok. And you can even cook pizza on that huh..hehe..i forgot how already..hmm


To start, i marinade the chicken. For this, i used a drumstick. You can use any part that you like, but the thigh part is the best for grilling or when you deal with dry heat. wink wink 🙂 So this time, i deboned it before i marinade it so that the marinade gets into the fiber for fast absorption. heh 🙂 . Then the onion, simple la, just cut into cubes and use about one or two keping for each skewers. Tips again, soaked the skewers in water so that when you grill it, it won’t burn or splintering. Heh! 🙂 Another thing you learn today kan?hehe..:)


dsc04585Now since i used sugar to cook this chicken, heat is the issue here. If the heat is too high, you’ll end up with a burn and bitter taste chicken. Therefore, be patience. 🙂 Once the sugar start to caramelize, that is when you put the chicken in. At this point, don’t kacau the chicken. Let it be for a few mins before you mess with it, otherwise you’ll end up with some chicken stick to the pan. heh :)There you go, another tip. wink wink 🙂 After about 4mins, flip it and then cover it. Let it kinda steam the chicken. From here, you’ll get the juices from the chicken and it mixes with the caramel, equals sweet sauce. 🙂 There you go, simple 2 ingredients to make this succulent and juicy caramel chicken skewers. Enjoy! 🙂 














Banana Meringue

October 8, 2008

Meringue (pronounce as ‘mer-rang’ not ‘mer-rangeh’ :)lol.. ) originally from French and its just a simple egg white that is well-beaten with some sugar and baked until crisp. When i said, well-beaten, i really meant it ba. The first time (not today, long long time ago) i did it, it took me very long to get into the “soft peak” stage. But now, eleh, senang ja (maybe from all the BodyPump kan 🙂 ) less than a 2mins gao dim already..kekek. Anyway, once you get a soft peak, then only you add the sugar. The first time i did it, i guess the sugar was insufficient to make it as smooth as whipped cream’s consistency. Then, tried again the second time, with a tablespoon of sugar, makes a lot of difference. Anyway, i use one egg white only (save on my telur

Baking time, well since this is the first time im doing it, i have to keep an eye on the oven all the time ba. Don’t really know the exact timing for this. What i did was i set on 180º for about 15mins. The first time wasn’t that successful. It burned. Second time was slightly ok, but then i faced another problem. Because meringue consist of sugar in it, it tend to stick on the tray (even though i spread some butter on it, it’ll still stick), this i have to learn to make it perfect in future (haha..have to ask my si fu..)

Banana, yes pisang again ba, hehehe, still got 1 more for me to baked lol. Did the same thing, baked until hitam and this time i whisked it with some honey to create a smooth consistency. Simple kan?That’s it, let it set aside. Now comes the fun part, the how to make spun sugar. With equal amount of water and sugar, you’ll get spun sugar. Caution, its super hot, so never ever touch with your finger to test (don’t be silly to taste the spun sugar at this stage too). Again, i failed. You know why? cause the heat was too high and i was doing something else that time, sigh. I tried again, this time of course jadi la, not just that, i ended up playing with it (yes, no joke) Once the spun sugar set at certain temperature, you can actually drizzle it on a baking paper to draw anything that you like. And i noticed that, as it cools a little more, you can actually touch it with your fingers and pull fine strands of sugar (lol..i got carried away while doing this..hehe, fun ba).

So the morale of the story is Never give up, even though u failed for the first time (or many times):) – I’m referring to making the meringue; Never be afraid to try new things, yes again the meringue and Never take things for granted – this is for the spun sugar, always keep your eyes of the spun sugar or it’ll burn before you know it 🙂